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Friday, January 1, 2010

A beginning...

So I have taken my first steps into the wild and wacky world of internet expession. I've been thinking about this for a long time, weighing factors such as, do I really have anything to say? Will anyone look at it? Do I have the time? Will I be arrested for anti-Obama posts? I finally came to the conclusion, as Paul once said, that these things are common to man and if the answers are no, no, no, and probably, I'll still fall into the 90th percentile of bloggers. And so, here I am, with a couple dozen ideas for posts shouting for attention at once, while I sit like the driver of a runaway stage coach trying to keep them in line-if for no other reason than to have something left to say on the next post.
So, happy 2010! I looked at a horoscope for Taurus yesterday that said that things are going to get better this year, with things peaking around my birthday. I told Laurie about this; I also commented that we'll thus likely be fired in mid-May. I have no belief in astrology, by the by; if it was true, I'd be on the "YOU are a TAURUS?" fringe of things. Or to put it another way, my generalities don't fit well the Taurus generalities. Outside the stubbornness, that is.
This years celebrations included the ceremonial playing of Counting Crow's "A Long December", Dick Clark and his little buddy Ryan Seacrest, and Laurie shooting off fireworks on Farmville. I know, we live the wild life.
So now its time for me to do the various things neccessary to connect with this suddenly-frigid world. I hope we all have that "better year" this year and God willing, survive to see the next new years in a healthy, peaceful, non bombed out world.

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