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Friday, March 19, 2010

Scrappy and big water fun

Today's journey took us into the IPFW woods. This is a nice walk down our street to Inland avenue, which dead ends at the trailhead. The trail goes all the way to California rd. and is a dirt path 1/3 of the way, stone the next 1/3, and paved(!) the last 1/3. Just into the last leg is a bridge over a decent sized creek, and Scrappy just had to get in the water. The east bank is reachable only with difficulty, the near side being a steep drop (but doable) and the other blocked by scrub. the west side is easier if you're willing to go about 30 ft or so downstream.
Scrappy, of course, remembered going down the steep side last year and tried to take me down that way. Leg said no, and I concurred. Once I convinced Mr. Boy to go the easy way, he decided to hit water at first chance. This left him wading through mud he sunk about 3 inches into, which convinced him to listen to me and go farther down. At the point I selected, there is a slight bend in the stream as it comes over a stony area- much better for Scrappy's nautical exploits. He splashed all over for about five minutes before he let me talk him out. We then cut across the two meadows that lie between the woods and the Plex's parking lot. In the high meadow (our name for the drier, wider one closer to home), we saw my first meadowlarks (hence the picture). It was a mating pair who must have had a nest in the tall grass and led us out away from whereever it was. We obliged their lead, not wanting to squish any prospective Meadowlarks, and returned home. Time: around 50 minutes.
Today began the second round of the KHL playoffs, and my Lokomotiv squad ripped Spartak 5-1. Konstantin Rudenko and Alexander Galimov scored two goals apiece to put Yaroslavl up 1-0 in the best-of-seven. Dinamo Riga came back to earth the hard way, as HC MVD scored 4 times in a 3:29 span of the third to rout the Latvians 4-1.

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