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Sunday, April 25, 2010

NFL draft 2010

Here comes my brilliant statistical analysis of the draft, based on subjective judgements of the pick, its appropriateness to team and round, and weighted by round.

32. Chicago (5 picks), 9.840. Having no pick till the third round really hurts them.
31. Washington (6), 10.583. No second or third round picks, and low-value lower round choices.
30. St. Louis (11), 11.154. Even Sam Bradford can't skew this number much higher.
29.New England (13), 11.161. The team that needs nothing opts for developmental picks( i.e., guys that may make something of themselves in 3-4 years).
28.Jacksonville (6), 11.183. For a team hurting as bad attendance wise as this, this was a crappy draft.
27. Carolina (9), 11.611. Jimmy Clausen helped; Tony Pike 3 rounds later did not.
26. Buffalo (9), 11.511. C.J. Spillers can't make up for no big-gun qb.
25. Indianapolis (8), 11.875. Just like New England. It was nice of them to take a flier on local boy Ray Fischer, though.
24. Minnesota (8), 12.225. Toby Gerhardt helps this out.
23. Oakland (9), 12.367. Despite typical 1st-round blunder, still their best draft in a long time.
22.Atlanta (7), 12.543.
21. Denver (10), 12.660. Tebow? 1st round? Really?
20. San Francisco (8), 12.688. WR Kyle Williams projected to be in the mold of recent acquisition Ted Ginn. OOOOOOkay...
19. Pittsburgh (10), 12.720. I guess no qb drafted high is a good thing for Big Ben...
18. Tennessee (9), 12.900.
17. Philadelphia (13), 12.907. A lot of good positional players.
16. Houston (9), 13.o11.
15. Green Bay (7), 13.543.
14. Baltimore (7), 13.543. I gave Ravens the higher spot because I thought that their 2 second rounders were better than Green Bay's 1 first rounder.
13. Miami (8), 13.668. Nothing spectacular, just all pretty good. No Ted Ginns!
12. San Diego (6), 13.750. Ryan Mathews in the first round drags this down a bit.
11. Tampa Bay (8), 15.350. And boy did they need it.
10. Arizona (7), 15.471.
9. NY Giants (7), 15.543.
8. Dallas (6), 15.633. Dez Bryant? Wow. Say goodbye, Roy Williams, and mind the screen door.
7.Cleveland (7), 15.850. The difference Mike Holmgren can make.
6.New Orleans (6), 16.000. Many of the teams from here on are skewed by having few picks, most of them in the higher rounds.
5. Seattle (9), 16.422. And LenDell White? Leon Washington? This is insane!
4. Detroit (6), 17.417. The anti-New England. A busload of great picks can only scratch the surface of their needs.
3. Cincinnatti (9), 17.567. I think the joke is over.
2. NY Jets (4), 18.250. Good job, but really skewed by few picks and higher rounds.
1. Kansas City (7), 19.714. Unlike some analysts, I think Dexter McCluster is a great pick.

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