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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Dear president Calderon

For those of you yet unenlightened, the big story today was how Felipe Calderon, El Presidente de Mejico, came to the US congress to tell us how racist Arizona is and how happy we should be to let illegals into this country because the economy needs them, and how Obama is going to lead us into a new promised land of peace and international cooperation. So to summarize, the president of a country who will throw you out if they don't want you, imprison you if you come in illegally, and make sure you are registered and have submitted your birth certificate even if they let you in, is going to call us racial profilers if we even ask a suspicious person for his documentation. Not only that, but he tells us that by doing this- which is nothing more than enforcing a law that he and Obama seem to think is there just for decoration- we are going against "our nation's core values." And this beloved president of ours who looks at illegal Mexicans and sees registered democrats, backs him up all the way. Well president Calderon, president Obama, this American, who knows what our core values are supposed to be better than any oreo/wetback version of Laurel and Hardy, has one message right back at you:



Moving on, it seems I misinterpreted the way the rest of the world cup goes. It's now a traditional one and done tournament, and those who fell first into the done category are Finland (after a 2-1 shootout loss to the Czechs), cinderella Denmark (complements of the Swedes, 4-2), Switzerland (who was upset by the host country, Germany, 1-0), and .... "Ohhhh Caaan-a-daaaa" (who closed with 3 straight losses, the last a 5-2 rout by Russia that featured 2 Evgeny Malkin goals. Yeah, Sidney, thanks for yer patriotism!) So Saturday the Swedes and Czechs face off, followed by the Russkies and Germany. (By the way, the rumours of Adolph and Uncle Joe being in attendance for that match are probably unfounded.) The losers face off for the bronze, and the winners play for the gold, on Sunday. I thought that today's loseres played to see who got 5th-8th, but I may be wrong on that too.

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