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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Step into my time machine, week six

I'm supposed to be at work right now, but Friday left me exhausted, disheartened, and needing a break from the constant push-push. They tell us four or 5 more weeks of this garbage. It can't come soon enough.

Anyway, on to happier things. 11 top 100 debuts the week of June 7, 1975, along with 6 new top 40s and 2 new top tens- and another new number one. Among the new hot 100s that actually did something, we had Lynyrd Skynyrd at 98 with Saturday Night Special, Donnie and Marie coming in at 88 with Make the World Go Away, Aerosmith at 87 with Sweet Emotion- which would sputter out this trip and make a comeback after Dream On hit big- and Mac Davis with his original of Burning Thing, a song that would be more widely heard done by the Partridge Family and Kenny Rodgers. As we ease on up the chart, we see Sail On Sailor move a pair of baby steps to 70; then we hit the countdown's "biggest loser", Led Zepplin with Trampled Under Foot, having been trampled to the tune of a 37-notch drop to 65. Into the top 40 comes Carly Simon with Attitude Dancing, a song I didn't recognize upon playing and was not upset at my loss; Seals and Crofts with I'll Play For You, which sneaks into the big boys club after a creeping 12-week journey through the lower regions; Tanya Tucker with a song I'd forgotten about until I started time-machining, Lizzie and the Rainman, a really neat story-song that comes in at 38; Wings with Listen To What the Man Says, the biggest jumper in the countdown leaping from 69 to 37; BTO goes up 12 notches to debut at 27 with Hey You; and 3 notches ahead, Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony makes a similar move with the quintessential disco hit, The Hustle.

As we head into the top ten we look at the 2 dropouts. Former number one Jackie Blue fell to 19 this week. And though it seems like Only Yesterday the Carpenters peaked at 8, they fall this week to 22.

Number ten and climbing like wildfire 7 spots to land the leadoff spot, is Michael Murphy with Wildfire. Falling 7 to 9 is EW&F's former number 1, Shining Star. Climbing 4 spots to 8 is the number one r&b song by Major Harris, Love Won't Let Me Wait. Chicago claims the cleanup spot with Old Days going from10 to 7. Grand Funk's Bad Time moves up one to 6; Linda Ronstadt leapfrogs them, up 4 to 5 with When Will I Be Loved. Last week's top dog, Aces' How Long, drops to number 4. (thus, the answer to "how long?" is, one week.) America climbs two spots to 3 with Sister Golden Hair; John Denver does likewise to 2 with Thank God I'm a Country Boy. And it is tex-mex veteran Freddy Fender who ascends to the top spot this week 35 years ago with Before the Next Teardrop Falls.

Just a non music note before I go: To our animal sightings list we add a chase between Scrappy and Mr. Bunny Rabbit Thursday night (bunny went straight into a bush; dog decided to turn left and see if he wouldn't be easier to find in the ditch), and a sighting of Mr. Possum ambling along the fence row around midnight last night. So our updated sightings list is now at: 11 deer, 7 rabbits, two skunk, two possum, a raccoon, one needlessly panicking ground hog, a pheasant, and a black squirrel.


  1. Wow what a trip back in time with all the tunes. Some I had forgotten and some brought back good memories. Thanks for reminding me of the good old days. Have a good weekend.

  2. Aerosmith's Dream Sweet memories. Was it really that long ago?!? Don't recall The Partridge Family ever recording "Burning Thing". And "Trampled Under Foot" from Led Zep? That title draws a total blank. I'll probably recognize the song when I hear it though - the band was on heavy rotation back then. Off to YouTube. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.