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Thursday, July 8, 2010

I thought about calling this random thoughts..

...but really it's not so much a random stream of thought as just one thought up in the shower, where I have neither pad, nor paper, nor a secretary to take dictation while I rinse. I've been thinking about this whole debate thing going on the last couple of weeks, and here are some things to chew on.
Joshua deadpanned one of anon's sources because he was a "young earther" as if that meant automatic discreditation because today's scientific thought discounts it. And just for the record here in this post, if you weren't there you can't prove it. I thought about that I am also a "young earther", but am I? Regard: time did not start until God had created the heavens and the earth. God is beyond and outside time. Regard: if a day is properly the interval between the earth's rotations, how is it that four days passed before the sun was created? Light was made in the physical realm first ( the big bang?) and then light and darkness were separated (the settling of energy into matter, perhaps?) and God named that day and night. The point? time does not follow the same scale on mortal and divine levels, and what scientist say took 10 billion years or what have you could easily match the speed with which God describes creation. Or it could've been done in six days. Not crucial to salvation, therefore a topic for debate with out any real chance for solution.
The early books of the Bible, especially Genesis, was a story inspired by the Holy Spirit, told to men well after the events- or passed down over the years until writing came along. Remember Homer wrote from a 700 year old passed down source, and archaeology has proved much of him as well. These were simple men whose comprehension of concepts such as General relativity and higher dimensions was, shall we say limited. So the story was told in such a way that they could understand and benefit from it. Not really dumbing it down, but relying on faith to make the transition from fact to comprehension.
God could easily be the explanation for many things to which we have or have not grasped the physics of yet. For example dark matter. You know, that stuff that has to be there in the universe and in vast quantities to make everything work the way quantum physics says it should? We cannot see it, tell what it is made of, or point it out as being here or there. But it is believed in because we can see the evidence of it. God is the same way. You know, instead of constantly denying God because of his illogic, I wish Joshua would stop and play out this scenario: if there is a God, hypothetically, and He acts in the way (plug in the religion) says He does- why does He act that way? What would be His motivations? Say to yourself, if I was an omnipotent, all-creating deity, why would I do the things I do? Not why do men do what they do- type in News of the Weird, and you will learn as I have, that man is a fairly stupid creature for all his knowledge and potential. I'd like to see Joshua spend some time doping out what he would do in the Master's shoes.
A while back, Joshua said something about God making no sense to him because why give him a mind to reason with and yet expect him to take Him on faith. But if you look back through the annals of man conceptualizing god, and it boils down to one point- mortals are created for one reason, to worship their creator. Perhaps He gave us reason because He didn't want stupid worshippers. (Of course, there goes on of my points right there.) Or perhaps He wanted worshippers competent to make a choice for Him.
Anyway, I need to add some news and some animal sightings. The news- we are at long last back to 10 hour days!!!!!!!!! Animals are a raccoon up by the office two mornings ago, and two more bunnies. Plus, Monday night we spent about 45 minutes watching at least 2 bats out the bedroom window. That was one I forgot to list, and I think that makes about 5 sightings this year.

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