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Thursday, August 19, 2010

What, me worry about health care?

Now that I am almost at the end of an unnecessarily long story, let me fill you all in. When we were called back to work in January, I let you know about the troubles I had getting reinstated on insurance. Over the succeeding weeks, as our (now former) HR babe Trish attempted various things to get everything back to hunky-dory, I repeatedly asked her to request me new ID cards as mine was quite worn. Actually, I found out, I should have gotten a new ID card last July, when most of my co-workers were mailed theirs. Trish, for her part, was having trouble even getting onto my page as plan administator (she said it actually kicked her clear off the system once), even though I could get on as a customer. She finally suggested I try to request one myself online. Of course, this was as she was drizzling down to her imminent (and now accomplished) departure, and I frankly thought the problem was more her than Blue Cross- Blue Shield of Michigan.

Though it still may have been somewhat on her, I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize.

After she left for otherwise gainful employment, I did request new cards. It seemed a simple enough thing. I checked to make sure the address they had was correct (it never stopped any other thing they wanted to mail me), which it was. I was informed that they would soon be winging their way to my house.

Today, I get a call about 4:10 from our plant mgr. in Ft. Wayne. The cards, it seems, had been sent to our home office in Bingham Hills, Michigan; from their they were sent to Ft. Wayne ( since the FTW HR babe, Teri, is watching over us abandoned ones in Kendallville until they hire the next Trish). He or his son will get them to me next week.

His son works in FTW but is helping us out with inventory the next week or so, and I told him about the ordeal. He told me that he (an employee) received his new card last year about a month before his father (a plant manager) got his. His father's response: WTF?

This then, is the finest health care system in the world, a system that our government wants to take over so they can mess it up worse. Reason #78 to oppose Obamacare: the system really doesn't need any more messing up.

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  1. All that comes to my mind is "Ejection" Day is November 2. Vote your heart AND your mind in every election you can.