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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Why aren't you at work? part 2

Still laid up, And tired of laying down. To kill the boredom, thought I'd do a history of our Fantasy teams.

Arden's Angels: For the first three seasons they were the sad sacks of the league, running up a 14-28 record. Then suddenly they sprang up in 2000, going 8-6 and winning what was then the Dupont division. They shattered SVA 52-11 in the division championship but lost the first of 3 Super Bowls to the T-Cubs, 45-31. In 2001 they posted the best record so far in league history at 12-2, but again the T-Cubs beat them in the Super Bowl 62-53. Then came the contraction of 2002-4 and they were out of the league. Returning in 2005, the only year that 8 teams made the playoffs, they squeaked in at 6-6, pulled upsets over SVA and the Beagles, only to find the T-Cubs in the Super bowl again and another defeat, 34-16. 2006 saw their 3rd division championship, another trip to the SB, but again a 64-32 loss to the Buzz Lightyears. They fell back to 5th in 2007 but rebounded to 8-4 in 2008, upset the KCAs in the semis and finally taking the SB, 27-24 over the 1st timer State Ducks. Last season, though, they collapsed again, finishing last at 4-8.

Aguascalientes: This team reached the playoffs in all 5 years of its existence, winning 1 division title and going 43-27. The playoffs were never so kind, losing in the first round in 1997, 2000, and 2001 while losing in the division championship to Butthead in 1998, the Dragons in 1999. They were folded in the great contraction.

B2s: They started life as Butthead's Wheel Runners and won the first 2 Dupont division titles. They lost in the first round in 1997, but made it to the SB in '98, losing to the NYCAC in a huge upset. They became the B2s in 1999, losing in the first round that year and missing the playoffs in 2000. 2001 saw them become the BJs and saw them squeak into the playoffs at 6-8, upsetting the Aguas before losing to the Angels. In 2002, they switched permanently to the B2s and moved to the Estates division, finishing 2nd, rolling to their first SB win by crushing the Elks and then the Beagles by a combined of 89-32, pasting the Beagles 52-12 in the big game. The next year they recorded 10 wins but lost both the division and the first round playoff to the Elks. They slid to a 7-8 mark in 2004, and since then have struggled mightily, with 4 last place finishes and a 11-25 slate the last 3 years.

Buzz (and the) Lightyears: Buzz won the first Estates div. title in 1997, but got smacked down in the semis by the Greenwoods 60-18. Returning to the playoffs the next season, they were upset 40-31 (ot) by NYCAC, and then slid back again. They missed the playoffs the next three years (despite an 8-6 record in 2000) and were one of the teams folded after a last-place finish in 2001. Returning in 2005, they got the last playoff spot and were hammered out by the T-Cubs 53-25 in the first round. But in 2006, they went all the way, capturing the div. with an 8-4 mark and blasting the Angels in the SB. In 2007 they missed the playoffs, returned in 2008 only to be snuffed out by the Clock BBQs, but in 2009 (despite a 6-6 season) fought their way back to the big game, only to lose 33-26 to the SVA.

Clock BBQs: A 7-7 opening campaign in 1997 was followed by a div. championship at 11-3 and an unceremonious 46-20 drubbing by NYCAC in the semis. They would only win 2 games the next year, and break even in 2000. In 2001 came a second div. title and another drubbing in the semis, this time by the T-Cubs 57-20. The next 2 years were quite lean; they put up a 7-23 record in 2002-3. Then came 2004 and a 3rd div. title only to be beaten by Shenan's SVA 54-36 in SB VIII. 2005-6 were both 5-7 seasons, but 2007 brought a 4th div. crown. Once again, they were knocked out in the semis (this time by the Elks), and would be again in 2008 (by the Ducks). Last year they tumbled back to 5-7.

Elks: They entered the league in the 2002 season and won their first 8 games before finishing 10-5 (which won the division) but were knocked out of the playoffs by the B2s. 2003 brought another div. title and a loss in the greatest SB ever played, a 31-30 loss to the KCAs. 2004 they fell to 6-9 but rebounded to 6-6 and a playoff win over the Ducks in 2005 before bowing out. Missing the playoffs in 2006, they returned in 2007 on a mission, winning their first SB over the Beagles 28-24. 2008-9 weren't so kind, tallying an 11-13 record and missing the playoffs both years.

Okay, it's getting time to go lay down again, so I'll pick this up later.

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