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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NHFFL last week, FCS playoffs, and the Johnson/Finnegan bout

The season finale of the NHFFL concluded last night, and it will be the T-Cubs and the Fiery Beagles getting a week off while the other playoff teams fight for the privilege to challenge them. The T-Cubs ripped the Clock BBQs 56-22 behind 4 td passes by Jay Cutler- no lie- and 3 scores by Dwayne Bowe. The Beagles punch their ticket with a 40-33 win over the Angels, their 6th straight, while the KCAs were falling to Buzz 38-10. The Beagles got 27 of their 40 on Thanksgiving Day ( 15 from Tom Brady and 12 from Chris Ivory). The win and KCAs loss gives them the Purple Div. championship and the #2 seed. Buzz wins his division and takes the #3 seed with their win, highlighted again by Turkey points- 2 tds from Wes Welker. The KCAs get the #5 seed and will play the #4 Clock BBQs. The Rhinos solidified their #6 seed with a 29-28 win over fellow Shenanite SVA. Once again kicker Dan Carpenter was the big star for the Rhinos with 16 points. In non-playoff crucial matches, the State Ducks pass the Angels for third in the Scarlet division with a 51-21 win over the Rangers. Brandon Lloyd and BenJarvis Green-Ellis each got 2 tds for the Ducks; the Rangers lose their last 5 to finish 3-9. And finally, it was the B2s taking third in the Gold div. with a 57-19 rout of the Elks. The Elks lost Clinton Portis yet again for this game and finish 5-0 when he played and 0-7 when he didn't. Portis' total contribution to Elk scoring for the year? 12 points. Go figure. Peyton Hillis yet again led the B2s' charge with 3 tds.




Fiery Beagles84401423570-7th




Buzz Lightyears75493431693-3rd
State Ducks57499465605-5th
Arden's Angels48419574185-11th


Speaking of playoffs, here's a brief look at the FCS playoffs. Western Illinois scored with less than 2 minutes left and blocked a nearly last second attempt to tie to top Coastal Carolina 17-10. They play #1 seed App State Saturday. North Dakota State showed they could win in blowouts as well as 3-0 games by ripping Robert Morris 43-17. They go on to face #4 seed Montana State. Lehigh greatly disappointed me by tipping Northern Iowa 14-7. On the bright side, I won't accidentily call the Iowans "Northern Ireland" again till next year. The Patriot league champs get a second chance at getting really clobbered when they play #3 seed Delaware Saturday. Finally, Georgia Southern overcame 4 turnovers and 2 missed extra points, as well as losing their qb early in the game, and ripped South Carolina State 41-16. Their reward is to play #2 seed William AND Mary next. Also up this weekend are second round matches between Villanova and SF Austin, #5 seed Eastern Washington and SE Missouri State, Bethune-Cookman and New Hampshire, and Wofford and Jacksonville State.


Finally, I have a few things to say about the NFL's decision not to suspend Houston wideout Andre Johnson and Tennesee df Courtland Finnegan. I truly believe that the ONLY reason that they get to play this coming week is because Titans coach Jeff Fisher is a highly regarded member of the rules committee and a friend of Commissioner Roger Goodell. Favioritism towards Fisher is what keeps one of the dirtiest teams in the NFL from being overloaded by penalties and fines/ suspensions. Johnson got the blessing of not being able to suspend one and not the other. I really tire of the NFLs favoritism towards the teams and players that they want to pimp. New England gets every call and has for years. Peyton Manning says a cross word and gets rules modified this preseason, and his teflon butt can slide any distance he requires. And now, bring on the (let's give them a hand at winning this year's super bowl) Jets. Hines Ward and Troy Palomalu were right. Brady and Manning, and now Sanchez, get league breaks no one else can touch. I think it would be funny if some really big scandal would touch these sacred cows. See Manning get busted for selling pot or Brady having an affair with Tiger Woods' mistress and get into a fight. Or better yet, Jeff Fisher taking candy from a baby or somesuch. It would be fun to see how long it takes for the league to send Tony (one touch and they're a saint) Dungy to pick up the pieces and rehabilitate them.

Okay, deep breath. I really don't want all those, or any other, bad things to happen to them. Except maybe Sanchez. But it would be nice if the league would cease such blatent favoring of their little buddies.

Oh, and Jeff? I promise I won't text you an apology.

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