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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

NHFFL week 9

The KCAs started out fast this week; by the time the second round of games were 10 minutes old, we had 72 points! Of course the bad news was that I dropped that bomb on the State Ducks in an intramural game. Final score was 72-31, with 4 players (Phillip Rivers, Michael Turner, Ahmad Bradshaw, and the Arizona D) in double figures. This beats the regulation time record for the season of 71, set back in week 4 by (you guessed it) the State Ducks. The quackers are really behind the playoff 8-ball now; they have to win out to finish 6-6. The KCAs move to 6-3, tied for the league lead since the T-cubs failed to make the tremendous comeback. After the day games, they trailed the B2s 41-15, but still had Rashard Mendenhall, Cedric Benson, Greg Jennings, and Mike Wallace, as well as the Dallas D. Can you guess who let them down? That's right, Mendenhall, Benson, Jennings, and Wallace all found the end zone; Dallas chipped in one measely point and the T-Cubs lose 41-40. No wonder Jerry Jones fired Wade Phillips Monday.

The T-cubs are thus 6-3, tied for first in the league with the KCAs and the Buzz Lightyears, who got there by pummelling SVA 53-35. Green Bay's D racked up 21 points on the aforementioned Cowboys, and T.O. found the end zone twice to give Buzz a 33-point Sunday night/Monday night. SVA slips to 4-5 and behind the Beagles in the Purple Div. Scrappy's boys topped the Rhinos 26-23 on Hines Ward's Monday nighter and the 3 from the Cincy D in that same game. Both teams are now 5-4, one game behind their respective division leaders.

Also at 5-4 are the Clock BBQs, who took firm hold of second in the Gold Div. by sending the Elks to their 5th straight loss, 30-20. The Elks (4-5) could not mount that big late game comeback as Ben Rothlesburger and the Pittsburgh D only combined for 9. Finally, the Angels ripped the Rangers 44-21 with Matt Stafford (28 points in 2 games), David Akers, and the NO D combining for 38 points.

Three games left in the regular season. KCAs and Beagles play for first in the Purple; KCAs won their first match 47-21, so Scrappy needs to win by 27 to get the tie-breaker. A big Gold Matchup features the Clock BBQs vs the B2s, who are 4-0 the last 4 weeks after an 0-5 start. The Elks are exactly the opposite, winning their first 4 and losing the next 5, and they will likely see their playoff chances evaporate without a streak-breaking win over the T-Cubs. And the Rhinos will have the chance to finish off the Duck once and for all.









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