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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

NHFFL playoffs round one.

The KCAs had rebounded from an early deficit on three TDs in about 5 minutes by Michael Turner, Michael Bush, and Pierre Garcon (who must have put a Cowboys jersey on for a play so Peyton (the Cape) Manning could find him) to take a 42-39 lead over the Clock BBQs into Monday night's Jets/Pats matchup. In the mean time, Buzz had been slowly, painfully fighting his way back from a 16-point Thursday deficit and just when he got close, there went Vernon Davis on a 60-something yard reception, and he found himself trailing 42-24 going into Monday Night. But fear not, for Buzz had Ladainian Thomlinson from the Jets, as well as Wes Welker from poor, outmatched New England. And the Clock BBQs only needed one score from a receiver on the league's widely proclaimed best team, that wideout being Santonio Holmes, the man whose hands would surely lift the Lombardi trophy high this coming February. No, KC had no reason to worry about his 2 teams, did he?

Then Jets coach Rex Ryan and Pats boss Bill Belechick, hugged each other a la Todd Haley and Josh McDaniels the day before. And laughed, no doubt because one of them had noted that McDaniels got his well deserved firing earlier that day, and hoping that one of them wouldn't get axed for hugging as well.

And then the J-E-T-S laid one of the most enjoyable eggs in recent sporting history, getting whupped 45-3 as Mark (the Savior) Sanchez threw three interceptions in just 6 third quarter passes. Three, as in all the Jets got was a field goal, and that was after missing one earlier.

Santonio Holmes? Sanchez had him in the endzone late in the game and threw it so far behind him it hit the man covering him in the arm. KCAs 42, Clock BBQs 39.

L.T.? He was thrown to on the next play. Had he caught it, he'd have scored. He seemed to stop dead, as if he thought the pass was going to a receiver in the end zone. It whizzed past his big green letters and hit a New England defender in the gut. However, Wes Welker did manage to score, after one of Sanchez' picks. Rhinos 42, Buzz Lightyears 30.

The KCAs now face Beagles/KCAs III; KCAs won the first 47-21, Scrappy the second, 48-23. These two teams have met in the playoffs once before, in the 2003 division championship, and the KCAs won that one (against Fred, though- Scrappy wasn't born yet) 73-28.

The Rhinos go into the all-Shenan semis against the T-Cubs, who won their meeting earlier this season 41-38. The win against Buzz was the Rhinos first playoff win, after 2 close losses in 2006 and 2007. The T-Cubs have an 11-2 playoff record and their name on the Super Bowl cup 4 times.


I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't make fun of the Colts for signing Dominick Rhodes for the third time today. The cocky Colts, who thought they could make it through an NFL season with just 3 RBs on the roster have certainly learned a hard lesson. None of those 3 backs have been healthy for very long at a time, and 2 of them (particularly Donald (this sure ain't the Big East) Brown) have been, charitably, less than effective when they simulated healthiness. And now it's back to Rhodes, whose finest personal moment was defecating in an ex-gf's bedroom closet. I probably shouldn't pick on the poor homestaters, particularly since The Cape is mired in a 11 ints, 4 pick-sixes in the last 3 games slump; But what the hey, I've waited for moments like since the Irsays were still contentedly crunching crab cakes in some upscale Chesapeake Bay seafood place, why lay off now?

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