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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bits and Pisses

First of all, if you have looked at the last post and followed the comments, you know that we have, as Gambit of the X-Men once said, been "up dat creek" this week. But we've had a trio of angels who have come down from heaven to help or to offer help, and we should be "car"ed sometime tomorrow. Which is a very good thing, seeing's as we are again in the calm before the storm at work. Calm? We're in the Horse Latitudes tomorrow and possibly Thursday, at about as miserable a time as we could find. Mary, Jack, KC- God bless you.

On the subject, I had an opportunity to work with a gentleman on the shipping dock today who told me he was from Guatemala. He first asked where we were from (an honest question since the plant is in Kendallville and most of the workforce are Ft. Wayne commuters) and then offered his situation. I mentioned to him that we sponsor a boy in Guatemala; we've done so almost 10 years now. He got somewhat emotional, and in his broken but understandable English said, "God bless the people who do this. God bless the people that do this." I guess we can never really know what such an act means until we see the faces of those who live it. And all of those people that say, "I'd like to do this someday" need to give themselves the incredible reward of doing it NOW.

Moving on, My son says on his blog that I really made him eat crow when TCU topped Wisconsin New Years Day. He says, "TCU is my dad's small town team- Boise State is mine." I say, Boise, TCU, Utah- anyone who can suitably make the BCS fatcats look like EEdiots is fine with me. I thought TCU would win because Wisconsin is a lumbering rushing team that had never seen a defense as fast as TCU. And their O is good enough to keep Wisconsin from getting a lead, which draws away from the time that lumbering running game can beat on the d-line. I'd just like to see Arkansas knock off Ohio State tonight so that the Big Ten has to wake up tomorrow wondering how Illinois became the conference's only bowl winner.

So, Mangini is out, as I predicted. Del Rio and Marvin Lewis got their extensions. Miami has joined the teams sniffing around Jim Harbaugh. And, oh yeah, two women have scuttled out of the woodwork to file suit against the Jets and their former shutterbug QB Brett Favre. Y'know, I'd take this more serious if a) in a 20-some year NFL career, these accusations of the photogenic Mr. Favre weren't concentrated in one season- the one in New York; b) as the Jets said, not only is this the first time in the 2+ years since it allegedly occurred that it has been mentioned, but it is the only time the team was contacted about it. Until real, tangible evidence/ a confession comes out on this issue, I'm forced to believe that all of this just proves there are 3 times as many golddiggers in NYC as in the upper Midwest.

And some good news for Bobby G.- Godzilla has just captured Khoosra. Further details pending.

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