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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Frosty black cars

Here's the pics I promised of the new car- please excuse the frost, it was a whopping 12 degrees when we went out.

For once we can't sing, "I'm too sexy for my car..."

After this, I treated Scrappy to a walk through the back fence row. We tried a deeper than usual exploration Friday...

As you can see, this area is a cluttered mishmash of brush that tends to stick out at eye level. Here we are down the trail that runs meandering through the west side.

Friday we were greeted by a huge owl who flew past to get out of our way, joined on his new perch a few seconds later by his gossipy neighbor, a large crow who sat right next to him. No such luck today, but I did snap some pics of our other discovery- a rather large piece of some ancient farm machinery.

If you follow most of the way back, you come out on a hill that sits behind and between Woodbridge and the Woodlands of Riverside addition. In the summer, when this is a bug-ridden battle for survival, this spot is a sea of tall grass. Now, it is a frosty wonderland.

Now, I did say the west side. Why don't we do the east side? Well, because it is a trail-less mass of very sharp briars...

...and we both still have scars from Friday's stubborn attempt.

Saturday's walk, while safer, was about as successful. Going down to the river in the midst of the snow squall, we jammed Scrappy's leash (which KC and Laurie managed to fix, thank you); in crossing Stony Run, I heard a "CROOOOOK" which made me stop so fast I almost went down with a charlie horse; and Scrappy came home with slobber-sickles on his chin.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    Sure looks like a FWPD undercover car you have
    (just add a few stubby antennae to the trunk lid or roof)
    Betcha others on the road will be slowing down JUST a bit when 'ya drive past.

    And that's some spread you have "out back"(?).

    Didn't know the acreage was so vast!
    (great place to take the BB pistol and range down w/ some

    Does indeed look beautiful.

    Have a great week.
    Stay safe.