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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Manglings

Got home at @ 6:45 tonight because trucking companies that deal with our companies are convinced that they will be struck dead if they don't show up for morning appointments after 4 PM (AKA 1/2 hour before quitting time). Combine that with a label printing system on our part that( for reasons too retarded to go into here) made it so that I had to re-label and re-scan what I would estimate to be a truck-and-a-half worth of product. Combine that with my number coming up on the random (and I laugh as I use that term) drug test for the third time in four months (the other victim this month was on his fifth trip in 8 chances). And, I had to attend a cutter's meeting (just to remind me that I am a cutter; I've been farmed out to other departments for all but 2 days so far this entire year) which, among its other messages, our super told us that they were trying "everything we can think of" to prevent the OMG OT we worked last year. I was of course filled with confidence at that.

Yesterday, had I a little more energy, I had enough material to do a who's dumber-athon. I've already commented on the star of that prospective show, Charlie Sheen, over on ms nk rey's blog. Rather than copy the next story, here: just watch the video of Bevis and Butt-head ignoring the two patrol cars outside and shoplifting in a store full of sheriff's deputies:

Contestant #3 was to be Iran, who looked at the curiously designed London 2012 Olympic symbol and declared it racist, because if you're burning the best incense you can see it spells out "Zion";

Yeah, I see it too. How could they? Actually though, here's the real truth:

But IOC President Jacques Rogge brushed off the country's claims, saying: "The IOC response is quite clear. The logo of London means London Olympic Games 2012, nothing more and nothing less."

HUH? Not only is it racist to idiots, it's also dangerous to epileptics:

The 2012 logo has been heavily criticised for its design. The animation version was removed from websites over fears it might trigger epileptic seizures.

But nobody cares that it's just plain butt-ugly, apparently.

I know I had yet another entry from Qaddafiduck, but I just can't find it. But time's a wastin' and Popper needs a shower. So good night and God bless...

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    LOL...Love that video!
    And THAT'S why we get OUR gas at the BP station along WInchester Rd near Bluffton Rd - usually a FWPD car or two in the lot...mmmmm, good donuts.

    ZION?, talk a a "MATRIX" moment in Jolly old London, eh?
    " the REAL world."

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

    (Tell Scrappy to watch out for HSPs - high speed pursuits)