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Monday, March 14, 2011

To Paul Joyce of Harlan- Really?

I saw a letter to Sunday's Urinal Gazette from union man Paul Joyce. He claims that republicans need to "earn" union votes, and thus union contributions. Here is that letter:

GOP needs to earn union contributions
I just finished the letter “Unions need to donate more to Republicans” (March 3) and was initially angered. Why would someone suggest that an organization that fights for working-class Americans, union and non-union alike, contribute to a party that fights for corporate interests, foreign and domestic, at the expense of the working class? Thousands of workers have shown up on their state capital doorsteps, not only to protest the assault on labor, but the assault on our children’s education as well. We need to applaud these workers and the politicians who that have their interests in mind for continuing to fight for what is just. What is going on today is nothing short of class warfare, the haves versus the have nots.
I challenge all of you, Democrats, Republicans, and independents: If you believe that your politicians should favor your interests over corporate interests and you believe that it is wrong to close public schools in favor of under-performing charter schools, go to the Statehouse and let your voices be heard.
As for contributing to Republicans, I am all for it. We shouldn’t waste time writing it into a bill, sending it through committees, and then sending it on to the governor’s desk, that takes too much time away from more important legislation. Here is my proposal for Republicans to get their contributions: Govern with working-class Americans in mind!
PAUL JOYCE USW 715L member Harlan

Really, Paul?I won't waste time telling you that I don't feel that the democrats are so pristine as you seem to think in "fighting for the working class". I won't expound on The fact that you, as a union member, seem to either think that a) you represent me, who am working class but non-union, and b)being a union member, you should expect that the sacrifices that REAL working class Americans have to make shouldn't apply to you. Look at my paycheck once and see who's a have or a have-not. Yes, there is a class war going on- you just don't see that as long as you're not in high management or politics, you are on the poor side and all of them are on the other- including your precious union management and their geisha-masters, the Democrat elite. What I will point out to you is this little article:

“State Rep. Nick Milroy is the Democratic state representative from Wisconsin’s 73rd assembly district.” He was on the radio. One of the hosts “pointed out that union membership was split by their votes in 2010, 49% for Democrats and 47% for Republicans, nearly an even split.” But, despite the fact that union members vote almost 50-50 Republican-Democrat, “unions donated 93% of their total contributions to Democrats.” Only 7% to Republicans, yet half of the union members vote Republican. So there’s quite a disparity. Union members vote 50-50, essentially, but 93% of their dues goes to Democrats. “The question was asked if the assemblyman could understand why Republicans were not in favor of having tax payer funded dues go to fund Democrat campaigns? The assemblyman contended that public employees can opt out of the unions. But when pressed about how even those that opt out must pay union dues, the assemblyman suggested that those people that didn’t want to be part of a union could find other work.

So, Paul, tell me again that if the GOP bent over to your demands that the contribution picture would change. Union management does not even listen to the votes of THEIR OWN PEOPLE!!
And if you disagree, you should either grin and bear it, or come join me in non-union labor. Or perhaps run off to Illinois with the traitors like Moses and GiaQuinta.

I don't disagree with your premise of the GOP being elitist. That is the one thing more than any other that will cost us 4 more years with Obama. But if you don't think that the Democrat powers-that-be are just the same, or that your beloved union's leadership isn't just as bad, you are deluding yourself.

My dad was union. In the heart of the worst slowdown in the economy (until now) since the depression, they went on a months long strike and cost Fort Wayne its biggest supplier of jobs. He told me when I first registration to vote that "we always vote democrat". I registered independent and said, "I'll make up my own mind, thank you." Paul, you should try that sometime. Spouting the union line when the leadership is living better than you'll ever see just ain't all that bright.

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  1. CWM:
    VERY well said.
    I'm in total agreement with you.

    Stay safe up there.