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Saturday, June 4, 2011

...and a hero comes home

For those who don't follow Pat Miller's show on WOWO, you might not know who Lance Corporal Brandon Long is.

Brandon, seen here at Arlington, is a man who lost his legs for our freedom.  Today, at 12:35, he came home.  A motorcycle and police escort was to bring him up to the American Legion post in Leo to celebrate his return, and Pat, being a good patriot, put out the word for us to come out and either join in the celebration or be there for the procession.  The route ran past the Walgreens near us, so Laurie, Scrappy, and I sat along Clinton streets in temperatures near 107 F (according to Dwenger's electronic signboard; time and temp said 91), and were eventually joined by another flag waving couple and a pair of bystanders who decided to show respect although they had no idea what exactly was going on (remember when it was common to show respect in such situations?).

At exactly 2 pm, they came through.  Brandon, on the back of a three wheeler early in the procession, was part of a train of cycles and family and emergency vehicles that- going at speeds of I'm guessing 40-50 mph- took a full 6 MINUTES for JUST the cycles to go by.  And they were waving back at us, taking pictures, blowing horns and sirens.  Scrappy, although exhausted fro the semi-picnic and walk we had just took at Shoaff, barked and ran around, and Laurie almost cried.  This, Hanoi Jane, is how you are SUPPOSED to treat those that give their lives for your freedom.

Corporal, I salute you once again.  Thank you for your terrible sacrifice and your wonderful service, your tremendous courage and your brave heart.  And welcome home.


  1. I am always awed by the sacrifices made by our military and their families. As a mother, I would be terribly fearful and amazingly proud for one of my children to choose that path.

  2. CWM:
    The closer (to home) something like this hits, the more PROFOUND it becomes.
    And it's at times like that when you really find out HOW MANY people really DO give a damn.
    THAT'S what AMERICA is all about.

    And it's why I give to both the Wounded Warriors Project and the ASPCA (int'l) program: "No buddy left behind".

    It's just the RIGHT thing to do.
    It's the AMERICAN thing to do.

    Excellent post, my friend.
    And AMEN.

    Keep the faith & stay safe up there.

  3. Excellent post. I often 'knock' America for its sad gun culture. BUT it also takes all the worlds troubles on its shoulders. Something the free world should never forget.