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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Football, NHFFL style, but first...

... I have to say that what I've heard today about Hank Williams, Jr., once I looked into it, was no bigger a deal than the Herman Cain thing.  I was in the shower and missed Hank's exile from the intro, and as far as I'm concerned, ESPN ha actually done a fairly good job of policing those whom might be considered its spokespeople.  HOWEVER...

If you just get your news from soundbites, the dealio is that he was asked what he thought of Obama and Boehner playing golf together.  He was not pleased.  "It's like Hitler and Netanyahu playing," he answered.  And while subsequently you got the gist of who was who in Hank's mind, he did NOT call Obama Hitler.  He made an analogy.  Repeat this word after me- AN- AL- O- GEEE.   Very good.  (This was me showing anonymous how I am trying to change the world on my blog.  If confused, look up the comment section on my post, "Who's dumber? I'll tell you who's dumber".)  This is the VERY SAME THING as if Hank said, "It's like a cat and dog playing".  You would not sit there and say, "OMG, he just called Obama a dog/cat!" would you?  WELL? WOULD YOU??  One more time- AN-AL-O-GEE.  Very good.

Yes, an unfortunate analogy.  He'd have been better served by trying the dog/cat thing.  Then only PETA would've complained, and no one listens to them anymore anyway.  Unfortunate because the most misused words in current English lexicon are Hitler and Terrorist.  Hank, if Obama were Hitler, you'd be in a concentration camp right now- or worse.  Joe Biden et al, if the Tea Party were terrorists, you'd have been Fancy Feast by now ( again, I don't think that remark offends anyone but PETA.)  If you hadn't guessed, I'm a wee bit tired (as well as unconcerned) about "offending people" stories.  Geez, did you all call your congressman when you were in kindergarten and a fellow student called you a dork?  You did? Then he/she was right about you.

Okay now onto the stuff no one cares about, starting with the NHFFL.  For the second time this year, the Beagles topped 50 points and got beat, falling to the Rangers 61-52. Even three TDs by Beanie Wells couldn't save the Hounds when Baltimore's D rang up 27 points on them.  The win left the Rangers undefeated- and keeping pace with the Aguas, who turned in a 55-34 win over the Greenwoods that wasn't as close as even that score indicates.  In fact, the Elves scored 28 of the 34 after the Aguas were done!  The master stroke of playing Matt Hasselbeck instead of McNabb gave them 12, Calvin Johnson scored twice for the 4th straight game- an NFL record; and Tennessee's D chipped in 14.

But there were tight games as well.  The final TD of the week, by LaGarrett Blount, gave the Elks a 34-32 win over the Ducks, and 15 by Cam Newton gave Buzz his first win, 32-28 over the Clock BBQs.  The KCAs had a 33-10 lead after the early games against the Angels- but the Angels had Aaron Rodgers and his 27-spot ( I think that 2 entrants having 27 points in one week is yet another record for us).  Final- Angels 49, KCAs 33.  Finally, the B2s hang on for a 36-27 win over the Porkchops.  Gentlemen, let's go to the standings:

I was going to update KHL hockey and FCS football too, but I'm a bit tired tonight.  It seems that on top of a restless and shallow night of sleep, Scrappy detected something out the window at 3 AM that he considered woofable.  Next week, #1 Aguas get the struggling KCAs, #2 Rangers draw the Greenwoods, #3 Elks face the Clock BBQs, plus Beagles?Angels, Ducks/Porkchops, and B2s/Buzz.


  1. Interesting perspective on the whole Hank Jr. comment debacle. I've only heard about it in the blogosphere but now I'm curious to actually watch a video replay of the incident so that I can make an informed decision about the whole dealio.

  2. CWM:
    Great call on the HWJr -

    (guess we know NOW who put the "ANAL" in analogy, hmm?)

    Well said.

    Carry on & stay safe up there