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Monday, December 19, 2011

                    A FITTING MEMORIAL….
baxter and cassie 008

In 1997, They were known as Butthead’s Wheel Runners, after my hamster at the time.  After his death, they were renamed the B2s (Butthead #2) after his successor.  The B2s are the hamster’s team, down through the years.  But Cassie was the last hamster (for now); and in the best of memorials, her team won Super Bowl XV.
The Sunset Rangers, exhausted after their very first playoff win last week, and bereft of 2/3 of their running back corps (note: Darren McFadden is, as the Bible says, “a broken reed”) the Rangers fell behind Thursday night on Roddy White’s 2 scores, and never got back into the game, trailing 44-2 after the early afternoon games.
At one point the total was up to 59, but two TDs and a FG got took off the board in about 15 minutes time.  Last weeks’ savior, Mason Crosby, was a dud, and Tom Brady (12 pts) couldn’t do it alone.
Even the struggling Bears added a defensive TD, and Brandon Marshall threw in a 9-pointer.  Arian Foster and Darrel Sproules added a score each, and K Dan Carpenter pitched in 12, more than making up for Eli Manning’s worst game all year.
For a while, it seemed that the B2s would shatter their own record for biggest rout in a Super Bowl, having won their other championship by a 52-12 win over the Beagles nine years ago.  The B2s end the year at 10-4,  While the Rangers close out their best year ever at 11-3.
Carved into the Super bowl trophy-  2011 B2s 10-4.

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