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Monday, December 12, 2011

Playoffs? You wanna... oh, I did this bit

But anyway, since the Monday night game is meaningless, I can tell you tonight who will be going to NHFFL Super Bowl XV.  In the late afternoon games, Mason Crosby and Mike tolbert led a 22 point comeback to give the Sunset Rangers a 39-36 win over the Aguas and their very first Super Bowl berth- and their first win in 9 tries in the playoffs!  And it looked like their opponant would be the first year Porkchops, who had a 44-41 lead with Hakeem Nicks in hand against the B2s and Eli Manning.  It really looked that way with Nicks steaming towards the end zone late in the first quarter- but he got stopped at the 2.  Eli threw 2 TD passes- neither to Nicks- to give the B2s a 47-44 win and their third trip to the Big Game.

The rosters of our SB XV contenders are as follows:

QB Tom Brady
RBS Matt Forte (out), Darren McFadden (supposedly back in), and Mike Tolbert.
WRS AJ Green, Dwayne Bowe, Eric Decker, and Denarius Moore (also supposedly back).
K Mason Crosby
D Baltimore
RES Andy Dalton, Josh Scobie, and Detroit.

QB Eli Manning
RBS Arian Foster, Daniel Thomas, and Darren Sproules.
WRS Roddy White, Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall, and Marcus Colston.
K Dan Carpenter
D Chicago
RES Colt McCoy, Jay Feely, and Cleveland.


In the meantime, I went 3-1 this week in the FCS playoffs, bringing my record to 12-4. My only miss was Lehigh's punchless performance against North Dakota St.  Give me Montana in the upset over unbeaten Sam Houston St.,  and NDST over Georgia Southern.  One thing I do want to point out before I go- watch this amazing catch by Montana St against Sam Houston Saturday.

And for all that, all MST got for his effort was a field goal attempt- which they missed.  I imagine Mr. Akpla was on the bench muttering, "There oughta be a law..."

Gotta go, I got a big new bunch of beer caps in I need to check out!

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