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Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Great seventies countdown week 13

"We are burrowing deep into the best songs of all time, "  The Host says.  "At least the best of the era, to me.  Next week at this point, we will be inside the top fifty at the end.  So sit back, and enjoy, for our time together in this auditorium of time... grows short..."

90- Vincent (Starry Starry Night), Don McLean, 1972, #12.  The first side of American Pie was one of the greatest pieces of music in history.  "Starry starry night... portraits hung in empty halls... frameless heads on nameless walls... with eyes that watch the world and can't forget/ Like the strangers that you've met... the ragged men in ragged clothes... the silver thorn, the bloody rose... lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow..."

89- Could It Be I'm Falling In Love, The Spinners, 1972, #4.  The Spinners have a sound that just makes me relax and feel good.

88- Green Eyed Lady, Sugarloaf, 1970, #3.  Those close to me have heard me use the line "Child of nature, friend of man" for dozens of different circumstances.

87- Jet, Paul McCartney and Wings, 1973, #7.  One of the best non-guitar bridges on the list.

86- This Time I'm In It For Love, Player, 1978, #10.  This song did battle with Heatwave's The Grooveline for my #1 all through the early summer of '78.  Right at the climax of the battle, my dad and I went to stay with my sister in Florida for three weeks- and my radio choices became a) one station that was nothing but gold records- and those that "somebody" thought had the potential (IOW I heard the two songs a grand total of one time) and b) an all Elvis all the time channel.  BTW- yes the second guy on the left WAS Ridge Forrester on The Bold And The Beautiful.

85- Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady, Helen Reddy, 1975, #8.  Another of my many crushes with another of her "dysfunctional persons" songs- this time, it's the guy, though.

84- The Times Of Your Life, Paul Anka, 1975, #7.  As a toddler and a young child, I often paid more attention to commercials than the show.  So when this went from Kodak (RIP) commercial to hit song, it was like the best of both worlds.

83- Liar, Three Dog Night, 1971, #7.  Running a special on #7's today, eh?  Best song ever recorded in a restroom.

82- My Sweet Lord, George Harrison, 1970, #1.  I just turn the "hare krishnas" into more "alleluias".  Either way, it's so fine. (Cryptic joke alert!)

81- Crystal Ball, Styx, 1977, #109.   One-oh-nine?  Someone was NOT paying attention here!

80- Last Song (I'll Ever Write For You), Edward Bear, 1971, #3.  The band was named for Winnie the Pooh, whose proper name was, apparently, Edward Bear.  Another great Canadian band, eh?

79- Living Thing, Electric Light Orchestra, 1977, #13.  Top ten in the entire English speaking world, France, and on the Cashbox chart.  BOOOOO, Billboard!!

78- Can't Smile Without You, Barry Manilow, 1978, #3.  Can you believe this song was done by the Carpenters first, and was the flip side of Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft? Hmm, perhaps another b-side that should have been flipped by DJs...

77- Heartbeat, It's A Lovebeat, DeFranco Family featuring Tony DeFranco,  1973, #3.  Tony was a teenager when he sang this; now he's a real estate agent with Sotheby in California.

76- A Rock And Roll Fantasy, The Kinks, 1978, #30.  "Dan is a man who lives for our music, it's the only thing that gets him by/ He's watched us grow, and he's seen all our shows/he's seen us low and he's seen us high/ Oh, but you and I keep thinking that the world's just passing us by..."  Don'tcha love autobiographical songs?

75- Don't Look Back, Boston, 1978, #4.  If their whole second album had half met the potential of this one song, they'd be in the Hall Of Fame.

74- Share The Land, The Guess Who, 1970, #10.  Ever since hearing this on the way to my baby niece's funeral, I want this played at my own funeral.  If it isn't I will haunt you all forever.

73- Don't Pull Your Love, Hamilton, Joe Frank, And Reynolds, 1971, #4.  HJF&R was one act I really wish could've done more songs.  The three they hit with are classics.

72- Come And Get It, Badfinger, 1970, #7.  Gotta get one last #7 in.  Anyone else remember this being used as an Army recruitment commercial theme?  I do!

"And quite out of character,"  The Host says, " Our last song for today shall also be our go home song for the day.  See you here next week!"

71- The Story In Your Eyes, The Moody Blues, 1971, #23.  Just a good MB song - until you REALLY listen to the words.  Then it becomes one of their most powerful tunes.


  1. I really liked "Vincent." It was an awesome song which didn't make you twist yourself into a mental knot like "American Pie":
    "Yeah, I think it's about Buddy Holly."
    "The devil is Mick Jagger. Or Nixon. But, probably Jagger."
    "Is it Lenin read a book on Marx? Or Lennon read a book on Marks?"
    "What quartet? The Monkees?"
    "Seriously, the Byrds sang a song called 'Eight Miles High'."
    "Is this some serious shit or what?"

    'Vincent' was just a simple, beautiful song.
    About a guy who cut his ear off.
    DISCLAIMER: I liked 'American Pie' very much, too. It just made my head hurt.

  2. I seriously can't tell you which song I like better than another. These were all awesome. I loved Vincent too!

  3. Great songs this week. Dont know all of them but half the fun is finding the ones I do on your list

  4. CWM:
    YOu started out with one of my favorites, ended with another one, and placed a BUNCH of them in between...fantastic!
    Always did love SHARE THE LAND.
    And I still have the Americn Woman album in every incarnation (except the
    Actually the CD is a BEST OF, but it might as well be A/W.
    Got a lot of the songs on it.

    The Moody Blues always did WRITE excellent music...much like Pink Floyd. Very "deep" songs.
    Can't believe the STYX siong only made it to 109...WTF?

    Great picks.
    Keep those hits coming.
    ((I'm off and humming))

  5. Boy, Vincent sure seems to be the star this week! Glad you all enjoyed.

    My son and I spent last night taking turns pulling up music videos on youtube. It was a blast!