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Saturday, May 19, 2012

...and Jesus rubbed the mud in his eyes, and he said, "I can see!"

Here come pics from the new camera!
Test pics on night #1...

It's getting so green it's hard to find the secret entrance into the woods.  If we find this old fencepost, though, we're okay.
Left over from squirrel bungee-jumping party last night...

The back road looks so much more remote in full green.

None of the fields had any socceristas this morning.  Surprise, they were playing on the grounds of the Holiday Inn.

Remember the blurry attempts of capturing turtles in the swamp? Here's three, plus two ducks.

Scrappy wanted a drink, but it's so dry we had a long way to go...

This is usually a spot where we find people fishing.  I'm where the fish usually are.

Mom used to have irises in every flower bed back when I was little...

There were all these purple flowers along the canal, but this one bush had purple AND white flowers!

My boy KC, just before falling asleep...


  1. Very nice pictures.. another great walk thanks for sharing.

  2. CWM:
    Wow, that IS an amazing change to that area from fall and especially winter...!
    Man, I'd be going into sensory overload (and in the good way, mind you)...LOL.

    Bet'cha those IRISES smell good, too!
    ANd those link and purples remind me of some sort of PHLOX.
    (and not the "doctor" from ST:

    That place has to be one of Ft. Wayne's BEST kept secrets.

    Nice photos.

    Stay safe (and flowery) up there.