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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An old friend is dying- and there's nothing we can do.

It's not a person.  It's something less-and yet, far more.  And it's the fault of the rudeness of men, the greed of corporations- and yet, we share in the blame.

WOWO radio was, when I was a child, the pinnacle of how radio should be.  In the morning before anyone but the farmers (and mothers waiting for news of snow days) were awake, Bob Seivers, Jay Gould, and Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers would kick the day off with the Little Red Barn program.  Farm news, Jay's years of wisdom, the down home bluegrass/hill country sound of the Hilltoppers.   And ALL the news you needed to know from professionals like Victor Locke and Art Salzberg.  With real in-field reporters and a news director that knew the rules and followed them. 

Then Bob would take over with his big baritone that always made you feel safe and watched over, spinning records untill Jack Underwood and "young" Chris Roberts took over.  These were on air PERSONALITIES, and never needed to offend anyone to be entertaining.  You can tell me all you want that people don't want to be entertained like that any more- it's too "boring"- and my response will always be, that's a damn shame.

I spent most of my childhood nights with one of two men.  Ron Gregory was the quintessential "personality", and gave us the Holly-weird report (with our own live reporter from Hollywood), Bodie the world famous janitor, and the music that tugs my heart to this day.  Bob Chase is still the voice of the Komets hockey team, and he was a voice of WOWO too, along with all these others.  Add them all together and you get CLASS.

Group W gave you the best in national news at night, and insightful commentaries from people as varied as Vernon Jordan and Jacqueline Grenin-Wexler.  And at night was when WOWO really shined.  The "50,000 watt blowtorch of the midwest", heard in "23 states and all the provinces of Canada."  I can attest it came in in Cartersville, GA, better than local stations.  Great place to hear the Komets beat Dayton via Bob Chase.

Over the years, change came, as it always does.  The turntables were abandoned, Group W gave way to more "competitive" ownership.  Bob, Jack, and Ron gave way to Rush, Sean, and Glenn.  Still, for the most part WOWO kept its commitment to family programming, news, and helpful commentary.

Now, a new way of doing things has begun.  Rumours abound that WOWO is just this side of being scrapped for parts, being sucked into the same abyss that the similarly -missed WKJG TV and relative newcomer WFFT TV have fallen into.  Worse yet, the bedrock 3-6 pm timeslot has been... well, I don't want to give any further props to the personnel in that slot now, but suffice it to say that their idea of broadcasting has nothing to do with what the proud call-letters WOWO mean to those of us who were weaned with it.

I know you can't go back in time.  And America's listenership may well be so-dumbed down that what passes for their programming now is the way to get ratings.  I don't know, I don't really care.  I just wish that before they did this to our proud Lady, they would have just changed the call letters.  WDIK comes to mind, as does KRAP and WTF.  WOWO didn't, and does not, deserve to die this way.


  1. I completely agree. Television has gone the same way. I don't even own a tv service or converter box. It's just such a waste of time and space these days. It's sad really.

  2. It is sad. I could have done this post on WKJG TV a couple of years ago. I'm old enough to remember when 3 stations gave us more than enough to watch, now you are lucky to find one good show on 100 channels. Thanks for stopping by. This one meant something to me, and so does your comments.

  3. Sorry for your loss. I remember the days of black & white tv, waiting for the tubes to warm up so you could watch your favorite show. I, too am old enough to remember just having 3 stations. I did not have TV until mom moved in and ordered cable. So many channels, so little worth watching.

    I rarely listen to the radio. If I can get a station, they seem to play the same songs over and over and over again, nothing new, just something to drown out the noise around you.

    Things, they are a changing and not always for the best.

  4. Tony and I are always saying how sad it is that TV has gone the same way. Remember the flag in the morning? In this age of Patriotism, where is it now?

    Actually, Tony remembers growing up in Portugal when they only had 3 channels and only for a few hours a day.... and that was more than enough.

  5. Same is happening here. Seems to be more and more about shock value and personalities than actual real entertainment.

  6. CWM:
    Oh, how I DO feel your angst, ny friend.
    I miss those 4 stations we had back in {Philly (PBS was #4_ and then we got UHF stations, and they were decent for the most part.
    But THESE days, we pay out the nose for ALL these cable channels and I REALLY have to play "seek and find" to get something that honestly peeks my attnetion (and holds it).

    Out of more than 100 stations, I can honestly say I watch less thqn TWENTY with ANY regularity.
    (like to "pay for what I watch" regarding that - save a ton of cash)
    As for radio?
    God, I miss the REAL stations, both from Philly (that have passed on) as well as HERE.

    WKJG didn't NEED to "go away", and while I do look forward to Beck & Limbaugh on WOWO (they say much of what I say...gotta love, that 3-6 slot leaves much to be desired.

    Hell, I miss BOTH Pat White AND Pat Miller.

    Maybe we all need to pool our resources and start up a "pirate" station that recaptures much of what we USED to have (and actually enjoy)...???

    Just a thought.
    Good comemntary and comments.

    Stay safe up there.

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