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Saturday, May 26, 2012

We decided to take a pre-dawn walk this morning. I chose old shoes and socks in case of dew, but kinda laughed as I did, because it is so dry I couldn't imagine running into ANY moisture.  Crossing over to the old meadow, I was trying to decide whether to greet the dawn from the woods or the river.  It started spitting rain, so I chose woods.  Halfway to the corner of the woods (not dumb enough to try and find our hidden trail in the dark), It began to shower.  We ran to the tree line at the south end of the meadow for cover.
After the rain, the sky looked like this.

This camera takes kick-ass night pictures!
On the trail between the woods and the retirement home, a buck ran across and into the woods.  I knew it was a buck because does are considerate and pose.  He had a minimum distance (About right where I would see him) and a maximum time staying there (About a second less than it took me to focus and shoot), so the closest I came to him was this shot in the dark:
See the eyeballs?  Here's an artists conception of what you're missing:

Scrappy smelled him, but never saw him- and was HE pissed!

The toads were out in force to get a few drops of rain.  This one greeted us at the front door.


  1. I wish we'd get some rain here. Pretty dry in northwest Indiana.

    Was up early myself to go picking strawberries. I've homemade ice cream in the freezer, and getting ready to make biscuits for strawberry shortcake.

  2. I was up early putting shade over the a/c, Roo's sandpit and mom's garden.

    I have quite a few deer pics that all you can see are the eyes. Not sure why I keep them but I do.

    Please send some of your rain to Texas. We are desparate!

  3. Alisa I'd love to but the toads are looking pretty militant...

  4. I love that first picture.

  5. Love the first picture and I think it is pretty cool that you get to see deer on your walk.

  6. CWM:
    That's one spectacular pre-dawn sky...and those toads must be eating the same stuff the GARTER SNAKES do...LOL.

    Great pics.

    Stay safe up there.