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Friday, July 27, 2012

A five-deer walk

And the funny thing is, after the first sighting, I said to myself, "One deer sighting tends to beget others".  I was right for once.

Last nights walk delayed by Mr. Skunk- the light spot in the middle of the pic.

This morning's first duo were just off the first turn on the new trail.  As you can see, they were the bucks.

They are hard to get into one picture.

Saw a few patches of these flat-topped mushrooms.

The next pair were a mom-and-daughter set.  Mom was on the trail when we turned back into the woods.

Her fawn was just off the other side of the trail.

Here's the money shot- this was so sweet.  I couldn't believe I wasn't hit by lightning just before I took it.

On down the trail, fawn was peeking around the tree at us.

Number five was along the ravine trail, still just laying around.

To my amazement, Scrappy didn't explode when the mom appeared in the trail in front of us.  He did try to follow, but no war-hoops.  He knows Dad's doing something with that black thingie to them, and just lets it go.  But he watched them all the way around.


  1. Now just how lucky can you be?

    1. It runs in cycles with the deer, just like the foxes. See 'em all the time for a couple weeks, then they disappear for a month.

  2. Bambi! Is it bad that I keep thinking of that scene in Tommy Boy when they hit that deer and put it in their car, and then it destroys the car?

  3. CWM:
    Another good travelogue...(no more SKUNK pics???)

    Amd I'd beg OFFA those SHROOMS...something tells me they're NOT Shiitakes...
    Amazing how many deer you came across...

    Stay safe up thre.

    1. I would like to get a better shot of mr. skunk, he is a beautiful animal. But he likes night and the shadows, and I'm not following him into a dark alley!