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Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Monday...

Hope I didn't shock anyone there, but I didn't have a title idea.

Yesterday Scrappy had a "play date" of sorts with my friend's dog.  She's up from the Indy area looking after her (hopefully) temporarily indisposed papa and so her, Laurie, and I took her boy and our boy for a walk.  I did have the camera... I didn't take any pictures, we were too busy gabbing.  I took them through the woods and past the swamp, and we got a glimpse of Mama Deer and both fawns as the got the H outta Dodge to escape all our gabbing.

AWWWWWK! And now it's time for more Black Pine Pics!

I had a better shot seconds before, but ended up with the back of Laurie's head instead.

Coati trying to dig his way out.

Ol' boy on the left would walk up just so close and turn away.  We found out why moments later.  Trouble came up on his side of the fence and she B!tc# slapped him.

Damn cantankerous female!

Yeah, whatever.

Believe it or not, that still ain't all the pictures from that day.

This morning, though, was shorter and not all that much to look at.

Ground hog "gated community".  Must be living high on the ground-hog there.

Mr. Goldfinch

Mrs. Cardinal.  Hubby was in the bush, refusing to pose.


  1. Very cool, you've a lot to see around your town there.. Love it! My mom actually has one of those blue and gold macaws. He terrifies me really! Glad you had fun on the doggie walk! Thanks for the very nice words on my blog today!!! Meant a lot to me!!!

  2. LOVE pictures of animals! That tiger is gorgeous!!!

    1. There were actually four of them. Two got the bubble bath, one hates water, the other one just wasn't interested.

  3. Love tigers and your photos are just lovely.
    Cant believe the bubble bath for the tiger though. Never seen that before