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Saturday, August 11, 2012

The great eighties countdown- the ever-lovin' end

Yes, we have finally made it to the end of all these countdowns.  We have made it through the 60's and the 70's, and today we wrap up the final panel of our tryptich.  And without further doo-doo, here we go:

20- I'm Alive, Electric Light Orchestra, #16, 1980.  This is the other of the hits from the Xanadu soundtrack.    

19- Desperadoes Waiting On A Train, Kristofferson/Jennings/Cash/Nelson, #15 country, 1985.  Not hard to figure this would be up here, as it was on the charts as I was trying to settle my dad's estate.

18- Amarillo By Morning, George Strait, #4 country, 1983.  "I ain't got time, but what I've got is mine/I'm not rich, but Lord, I'm free..."

17- South Central Rain, REM, #85, #43 Mainstream Rock, 1984.  The first REM tune most of us ever heard.  I'm sorry....

16- The Voice, Moody Blues, #15, #1 MSR, 1981.  Long Distance Voyager marked a whole new life for this classic band.

15-  Everytime You Go Away, Paul Young, #1, 1985.  Another slow grower that is best when you can find the full, uncut-for-pop-airplay version.

14- Time (Clock Of The Heart), Culture Club, #2, 1982.  As anyone can tell you, I'm a pushover for bells tolling at the end of a song (see How Do You Mend A Broken Heart).

13- In The Shape Of A Heart, Jackson Browne, #70, #15 MSR, #10 adult contemporary, 1986.  The hands-down biggest tear producer on the list for me.

12- Fall On Me, REM, #94, #5 MSR, 1986.   "Well, I could keep it above/but then it wouldn't be sky any more/so if I send it to you, you gotta promise to keep it whole..."

11- 867-5309/Jenny, Tommy Tutone, #4, #1 MSR, 1982.  Still blows me away that the founder of this band was a founder of the Cowsills.

10- That Girl Could Sing, Jackson Browne, #22, 1980.  I don't know if she could, but I do know he could.

9- Money For Nothing, Dire Straits, #1, 1985.  Waking up under some girl's pool table.  Beer for breakfast.  And music still on MTV.  Good Times.

8- Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, Air Supply, #2, 1983.  Producer Jim Steinman sure had a run that summer- and the biggest one is still to come.

7- For You, Manfred Mann's Earth Band, #106, 1981.  The best of his Bruce Springsteen covers- don't let the low charting fool you.

6- Her Town Too, James Taylor with JD Souther, #11, #5 AC, 1981.  I spent a semester taking night classes at IPFW and this song played in the same spot, on my last turn-off, a mile from home- at least once a week.  Kinda becomes a comfort after a while.

5- Coming Up (live), Wings, #1, 1980.  C'mon, has anyone even HEARD the studio version that was the a-side?

4- Take Me Home Tonight, Eddie Money, #4, #1 MSR, 1986.  "Listen honey, just like Ronnie sang... be my little baby..."

3- Heat Of The Moment, Asia, #4, #1 MSR, 1982.  A breath of fresh air in a music era that was dying.

2- Total Eclipse Of The Heart, Bonnie Tyler, #1, 1983.  The other Steinman tune, and the song that rode the pop chart for 4 weeks and mine for 8.

And now, at long last, my #1 song of the 1980s- a tune that was top ten in my sixties countdown as well:

1- Angel Of The Morning, Juice Newton, #4, 1981.  A song so seared into my primal soul by Merilee Rush when I was little, that it only took the first few notes when Juice redid it.

And there you have it!  Hope everyone enjoyed, did some humming, brushed back a tear, or smiled at some memory.  Because that's what music is really all about- a blank cassette upon which we tape the good times.  See ya next week- on Time Machine, that is.

1 comment:

  1. CWM:
    Got some GREAT songs in the mix this week...
    --Air Supply - very good.
    --Dire Straits - excellent (best video of it's time, imho)
    --Eddie Money - well chosen
    --Asia - nice pick.
    --Bonnie Tyler - and STEINMAN...a REAL keeper!
    --Juice Newton - my 2nd fav song of hers (Queen of Hearts is #1 with me)'s OVER already???
    That FLEW by.
    Next stop...the 90s???
    (id we dare)

    Stay safe up there.