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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Eyes wide open

I was told on Facebook that I was a hater.  A Guatemalan friend posted a pro-Obama picture (they've been scared into believing that they'll be thrown out of the country if Romney wins), and I commented, "If you want America to be in as bad of shape as Guatemala, he's your man."  For that, one of his friends deemed me a hater.  Chris Mathews of MSNBC is much like this, he thinks I support Romney because I'm racist.  My son gets this a lot, too, even though he's roommates with a black fellow. ("But he works at a country bar" is the usual response, AKA he's an oreo.)  Maybe I cannot prove to you Obama is turning us into a third world country, even though a smart person can see it coming.  Perhaps I cannot persuade you I don't primarily dislike Obama because he's black, even though I was an early Herman Cain supporter (obviously another oreo).  But there IS one thing I can prove to you here and now.

Here is a State Department memo, from the Tripoli embassy, PROVING that Obama was told that the Benghazi attack was a terrorist strike right from the start!  This whole "film" story is nothing but a smokescreen for the truth.  And the truth is this:


So am I a hater?  Hell yes.  I hate that this man convinces legal aliens they'll be deported.  I hate that this man railroads his policies past the Congress and the Constitution.  I hate that this man can win an entire ethnic group for no better reason than he's one of them- even as he puts them deeper into slavery.  But most of all, I hate that this man is willing to let Americans die because adding security to a post in enemy territory would make him look bad.  And I also hate that he can convince people with eyes wide shut that I hate because of his race.

Jose, this man did this.  In 2007, he defended slumlords who threw people out of their apartments in below zero weather.  WHAT DO YOU THINK HE WOULD DO TO YOU, IF HE HAD TO?


  1. I believe you are right there! If ya gotta be a hater to hate the bad choices he makes... Keep on hating.. add me on the facebook
    ( itsamonkeybutt(at)gmail(dot)com )

    1. I'll do that, but keep in mind I'm just a freeloader (and main user) on Laurie's page, so that's where the request will come from.

  2. Thought you might like to read this. YOu gotta love Donald Trump.

  3. I'm proud to call you a follower on my blog and a friend on Facebook (and a helluva Words With Friends opponent). Hate away, sir, hate away!

  4. Why do so many people have to bring race into it just because you don't like Obama damn you are allowed to have an opinion how many people like him or will vote for him just because he is black.............

    1. Most of these people bring race into it because they have yet to develop any kind of critical thinking. Unfortunately, people like this tend to flock to idiots like Chris Mathews.

  5. And this is why I followed your blog to begin with - I'm editing my blog right now to give a shout out to this piece right now. I'm so tired of being called a racist, a war-monger (my husband is retired USAF), a gun toting, Bible thumping conservative because I'm voting against Obama. I don't like the direction our country is going in, beginning with Obamacare and ending with defense cuts and all the lies in between.

    I don't vote down party lines - I've voted for democrats in the past and will in the future if I think they are qualified. I vote per candidate not based on skin color or party affiliation.

    1. See, according to liberals, no matter how moderate we are, we are all the same as the worst "tea partier". Just like to some of us, Obama's association with known terrorist Dick Ayers makes him a screaming communist. But what he actually is, is a little bully who ascended to a position he did not deserve. And his unthinking minions follow right along, grateful for their Obamaphones and freedom from purchasing a government ID.

  6. CWM:
    Very well said...
    I think many of us ARE "racists", as long as we consider STUPID PEOPLE a "race".
    I know I do.
    Thing is, idiots cone in every flavor on earth.

    And yes, I also liked Cain a LOT...ditto for Alan Keyes (who tried unsuccessfully twice).
    I REALLY admire and respect Alan West (FL), Bobby Jindal (LA), and Marco Rubio (FL), and there tons of examples of GREAT people (all race aside).
    Their character supercedes race, nationality, religion, gender...whatever.

    Chris Matthews - "STUPID PERSON", therefore I "hate" him, and that should make me a racist along those lines.

    Some people will look for ANY reason to pull the race card or the hate card (sometimes, both at once), but always consider the SOURCE...they will divulge themselves and their true intentions soon enough.
    Don't just see and hear...LOOK...and LISTEN.
    Great post and comments.

    Stay safe up there.

  7. I'm crossing my fingers that Obama loses. Also, I want so badly for the election year to be over. It's exhausting.