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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sports Tuesday

We're heading into the last 4 games in the NHFFL season and the Purple Division is really tightening up.  The resurgent Beagles kept on rolling, Brandon Lloyd's 2 TDs in London giving them a 31-19 win over the Greenwoods for their 5th straight win.  The KCAs took their third straight, building a big early lead on Doug Martin's Thursday night 15 and Julio Jones' 9-spot and hanging on as Matt Ryan and LeShon McCoy scored a dozen each to chip the lead down to a 42-38 win over the Aguas.  And the Rangers pile up a big lead to finish off the Angels 54-33, despite the Angels scoring 18 on Sunday Night.  Adrian Peterson had a 9 Thursday night and Sebastian Janikowski tallied 14 for the winners.

In the Gold Division, the Porkchops achieved one of the statistical anomalies of all time.  Last week, they went into Monday night needing Ashlon Jeffry to score to beat the Elks; he did not, and the Elks won in OT.  This week, Buzz needed Frank Gore to score to beat the 'Chops, but he did not, and the "Chops won in OT 51-45.  Not only was that whole story odd, but it's the first time in league history that a team has went to OT twice in two weeks.  With a 27-24 lead going into Sunday night, Peyton Manning's first TD pass to Eric Decker gave 3 to the 'Chops and 6 to Buzz, tying the game.  Manning's second TD thus put the 'Chops back in front, and a second TD pass to Decker tied it once again.  Lawrence Tynes racked up 17 to lead the winners, while Matt Stafford put up 15 for Buzz.

The Clock BBQs, on the other hand, didn't even score until the Sunday night game.  The Elks got 12 from Tom Brady and 15 from Tony Romo the Giants D to roll 51-15.  And the B2s got back into the playoff hunt with a 42-17 rout of the Ducks.  Titus Young scored twice for the Elks, and Ben Rothlesburger threw three TDs.

Two changes to the way I'm doing the standings.  The first, obvious one, is that I've added a streak column, so you can see who's hot and who's not.  The second is that I stopped being lazy.  You see, I have always broke ties on the standings by the ratings points- even though that's not the way that they are broke for the playoffs.  It was just easier than doing multiple looks at the head-to-head matchups.  But today, you see the standings as if the season ended today.  Thus, instead of the Purple being Beagles-Aguas-KCAs by points, you have it by their head to head records- with the Aguas having a win over both, and this week's loss to the KCAs, the Beagles with a win over the KCAs and a loss to the Aguas, and the KCAs 1-2 against the pair.  Likewise, the Rangers are in fifth due to their 3 point loss to the Greenwoods in week 3.  And the Clock BBQs pass the Elks based on a 2-point win in week 2.

Next week, the big showdown between the KCAs and Beagles, the Angels and Greenwoods, The Aguas and Rangers in another huge game, Clock BBQs vs Buzz, Elks vs Ducks, and a third big game featuring the 'Chops and B2s.


  1. I could give you my opinion on these sports but hell I don't follow sport Australian sport or Americian sport on any other sport so I will say nothing about sport except that I find sport boring........ha ha ha I ducked you didn't get me when you tried to "Gibbs slap"

    1. I have to admit I've not watched enough NCIS to know what a Gibbs slap was without looking it up. And I know sports- particularly the stuff I feature- isn't everybody's cup of tea. But it makes it more fun for me, and ain't that the point of a blog? You are hereby excused from reading sports reports unless I specifically say "stay tuned for XXX at the end of this post."

  2. Wow! This is awesome!!! Did you see the Cowboys game? I love them dearly, but this is just beyond sad...some might argue it has been a sad situation since Jimmy Johnson departed. I might be part of the 'some' who would argue this.

    BTW--I saw on J.Day's blog that zombies creep you out...ME TOO!!! People usually laugh at me, saying they would be the easiest monster to kill because they're slow and have no powers. Still...I'm far less afraid of vampires than zombies. Probably not a fair comparison, since vampires (for the most part) are sexy. lol

    1. I get RedZone, so I saw the important parts... My son is a Nebraska fan and I think that Romo and Taylor Martinez are of the same cloth... in other words, they struggle keeping focused for an entire game. Romo can be deadly when he's locked in... but darned if I know how to accomplish that.

      And on zombies, I had a birthday party years ago (shortly after the original Nightmare on Elm Street went to video. We watched that, it didn't bother me a bit, and then they put on Night of the Living Dead. I watched a couple minutes, walked away to do other party stuff, came back, watched a little more, and decided to go drink outside. And vampires? Outside of Barnabas Collins (Johnathan Frid, not the new guy), you can have 'em.

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