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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sports Tuesday

Well this week, my fellow owners (KC and Laurie) chipped in to do the bulk of the work on the games.  Which is cool, because I'm working Sunday nights now.  Which sucks, because I'm working Sunday nights now.  But anyhow, here's what they came up with.

The Beagles had a second straight big week, riding a 18-point Marques Colston barrage to top the KCAs 55-28.
The Greenwoods pull into first in the Purple division, withstanding Drew Brees' 4 TDs to beat the Angels 35-20 behind Percy Harvin's 2 scores.
See, why couldn't the KCAs play the Rangers this week? The Rangers' offense sputtered in a 37-11 loss to the Aguas. (BTW that would be me making the schedule.)
A 10-3 point advantage amongst the two kickers gave Buzz a 36-24 win over the Clock BBQs.
The State Ducks took advantage of a 9-point day for Eli Manning, and a bad week for the Elks, to pick up their first win of the season, 30-19.
And finally, Porkchop went nuts this week. Everybody except the injured Danny Amendola and the worthless Shaun Greene scored for them in a 61-20 pasting of the B2s.

Next week is the end of the first half already! It will be cross-division matchups with the surging Beagles playing the slipping B2s, the struggling KCAs and the more struggling Elks, the Angels vs. the Ducks, Aguas vs. Clock BBQs, Greenwoods vs. Buzz, and an all-KC showdown between the Rangers and Porkchops.

Speaking of KC, he had to purchase a Baltimore Orioles hat to pay a bet with a workmate.

There he is with the hat.  Or is that Scrappy? I mix them up all the time...
And finishing off the Loko game from yesterday, we got a 4th goal at 4:44 of the third from Alexander Chernikov ( his 3rd) on a penalty shot (something that seems to happen a lot more in the KHL than the NHL).  Barys rallied though, and closed the margin to 4-2 before it was over.  Mind you, that was 2 goals on 6 SHOTS against NHLer Semyon Varlamov.  I'm trying to give this guy the benefit, but he's now given up 7 goals on 79 shots, a 91.9 save percent.  That, if he had enough minutes to qualify, would rank him 28th in a league with 26 teams!  Kolesnik, on the other hand, has given 19 goals on 303 shots, a 94.1 percentage that ranks 7th.  Sigh...  Anyway, the win keeps Lokomotiv #1 in the conference, 8 wins, 2 SO wins, and 3 losses, 2 points better than Dynamo Moscow and one behind Sibir (9 wins, 3 SO wins, a SO loss,  an OT win, and three losses) overall.  Next up for the boys from Yaroslavl is Yugra tomorrow morning.

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  1. my 12 year old son is leading in the picks ..against Ivy league graduates..hahaha, maybe you should ask him.