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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gun control and thugs

Mayor of Ft Wayne Tom Henry had a lovely conference yesterday with the Mayor of Angola and other leaders about taking so-called assault weapons off the street.  Good for you, Tom.  But what did it accomplish?

At 10 fricking AM this morning, some clown forced a woman into her Garden View apartment, slapped her around, and stabbed her three times with her own knife.  If you're surprised, we've had several such incidents in the last few weeks, including another one in Canterbury last night who couldn't manage to muscle a purse away from a lady.  Before that, a moron with a "long gun" faced down a couple, who ran and got away but not before the perp hit him with the "barrel". 

Okay, let me say this- these guys are nothing but southside thug-lettes, who don't have the balls to make a name in their neighborhoods (because the truly armed thugs live there) and come up here to prey on law-abiding citizens.  And why are they being targeted?

Because this city refuses to patrol and enforce the law on the city's southeast side.  I have friends who call and call, and report suspicious behavior all the time- but unless there's a DB, the FWPD stays far away.  Why, because they are A) too hamstrung by the police budget, B) because city officials are so afraid of being accused of profiling by the NAACP that they will not act unless they absolutely have to, and C) because they know that our joke of a prosecutor will just plea them out or let them go.

My son says, "Ft Wayne only has wannabe gangs", and he's right.  And the city has gone from decades of "we have no gang problems" to being deathly afraid of them.  A decent, firm hand by the city and the FWPD would prevent 90% of what goes on around here.  Instead, only 3 of 30 murders in the city last year have been solved, and two of them are only solved because they were murder-suicides.  And the FWPD response was 'it was only 23 murders'. 

These dudes pulling this crap are minor-leaguers.  Marshall Dillon could have rounded them all up and left Festus playing cards with the Doc.  But FWPD can't because the perps ARE NOT AFRAID OF THEM.  And who can blame them.  So now you can't even go to the store at 10 in the morning in Ft Wayne.  But Mayor Henry and his gun control is coming, and it will put a stop to it.  What a joke. 


  1. It's always a back and forth. There's not enough money to enforce the laws, and when they are, not enough money to hold them in the cells.

    And as always, government is focusing on the band aid, rather than casting the ailment and healing it for good.

    1. Some of it is the money... a lot of it here is the will to make things better.

  2. Such sad and horrible things just keep happening. As you say, there is no deterrent whe even if they get caught it will be no more than a slap on the wrist

    1. Oh, but we must be kind to prisoners, and humane. We must try to understand what made them that way, and encourage them to be good people with smiles and government hand-outs.

  3. CWM:
    (now I know what the other side of my brain sounds like...LOL)

    You are 100% CORRECT...on ALL counts.

    And, living down here in the Ghettohood, I see, hear, and know FIRST HAND everything you talk about.

    The blame is sufficient to be passed around quite well enough...the FWPD (command), the NAACP, the city itself, SE residents, and yes, REAL gangs that come here to "recruit" those wannabes.
    They all have a finger in this pie.

    Here's one solution - get all the INMATES out to FIX ALL THE DAMN STREETS - used to call them CHAIN-GANGS...solves several issues there, but NO, can't touch that one...racial and cultural problems with THAT.
    Hell, it's called PENITENCE for a REASON.
    Make it uncomfortable to do the crime AND do the time. Things will change around.

    Yet, until someone in some power FULLY acknowledges and defines the PROBLEMS, anything tossed around as a "solution", simply...IS NOT.

    Again, kudos to your keen insight.

    Stay safe (and aware) up there.
    ((maybe get yourself some pepper spray - seriously))

  4. I've noticed that with a lot of the towns in Indiana. We have these fake wannabe gangsters in Nowhersville too. Coming from Anaheim, CA, and Dayton, Ohio where there are REAL gangs I have a dangerous tendency to laugh at them when they try to be intimidating. (partially why Kevin never lets me out of the house alone lol) Our local police force is pretty good about enforcing things to the best of their ability though. When they aren't running around breaking up domestic disputes and the like.

    1. I wish our PD invoked such faith in us. Instead, the whites don't trust them for playing politics, the blacks don't trust them because they're "the man", and the hispanics and Burmese are just glad they don't ask for their green cards.

  5. My son has a scrap auto business and has to sleep in a van at night guarding his property from thieves. Then the prosecutor decides not to bother after there is finally a case against someone. I bet if he calls the police and has a thief at gunpoint they will be there in a hurry.

    1. I don't know if you are local, but your story sure fits FW prosecutor's office proceedure. I swear if that woman runs unopposed again, I will write in Mickey Mouse. On the other hand, your son had best be carefull- unless he has pull w/ the local NAACP, if he shoots a perp it'll be one of the "murders" Rusty will actually solve.