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Monday, February 18, 2013


It may have only been a tease.... and it was a lot of sun, then clouds, windy, then calm.... But here are some pics of what was a pretty nice day (once I got outta work):

Actually this one is last week at the far end of Stony Run.

Only way you can get one to sit still is spot him on the OTHER side of the river!

"Where the geese are..."

Listening to the ice clattering in thew waves, sounds like a wind chime...

CRACK!! Oops, crap!

One of those moments the sun was out- the colors were so cool...

This tree shed all its bark over the winter.


My friend over at Holly's hoots and hollers put up an "ABCs of me" thing.  I told her I'd try it, but she might regret it:

A- Age: 51 in 87 days.  Mind about 29, body closing on 76.

B- Bedsize: Queen, I guess.  For the chunk Scrappy lets me have, it might as well be a twin.

C- Chore you Hate: Is there one I like?

D- Drink of Choice: Pepsi Cola

E- Essential start to your day item : the toilet, beyond a doubt.

F- Favorite color: blue

G- Gold or Silver: in what event?

H- Height: 5’4” when gravity's low

I- Instruments I play(ed)- No self respecting instrument would let me near it.  The ones without self respect, like tubas and kazoos, I don't persue.

J- Job : After almost 10 years as a fabric cutter using primitive implements, I am now a fabric cutter using a computerized machine that's only about 5 years outdated.

K- Kids: No goats, just a dog.  Oh, you mean children.  Two of them, a girl and a drunk.

L- Living arrangement: an apartment, Townhouse style, with Laurie, who is the only woman who'd put up with me.

M- Mom’s name: Are you ready?  Ursula.  A name so difficult (apparently) that when she died, masses were said for her over the next couple months under at least three different misspellings, including Urusual.

N- Nicknames:  Keek (Niece couldn't pronounce Chris), Popper (another niece's years-later mutation from Keek) , Tonar (some guy at school who thought I was a space alien), Superman, Underdog, Batman (big into comic books), Monty (my last name somehow metamorphosized).

O- Overnight hospital stay: Couple of years back I had surgery on a calf vein that somehow developed a huge blood clot on the OUTSIDE of the vein.  Was off my feet (unassisted) from start of October till Christmas.  Still paying those bills.

P- Pet Peeve: Either I have so many I can't distinguish them, or I don't have any.

Q- Quote from a movie: From A Time To Kill: "Yeah, I'm glad I killed them, and I hope they burn in Hell!!"

R- Right or left handed: Right

S- Siblings: Four- brothers 71 and 68, sisters 65 and 61.  Yep, I was the youngest by ten years, and I've been an uncle since 5 months old.

T- Time I wake up: 5AM for work, 8-9 when it's up to me.
U- Underwear: clean at least 5 days of a week.

V- Vegetables I dislike: I like to think of myself as a friend of all vegetables.  As such, I generally don't eat them.

W- What makes you run late: refer to E.

X- X-rays I’ve had: Leg, lungs, wisdom teeth.  Sorry, no broken bones!
Y- Yummy food I make: Depends on whether it has to be yummy to anyone but me.

Z- Zoo favorite: Anyone who bothers to be awake when I'm there.


  1. Um yeah , nice to know about the letter U! Lol. Great movie quote though

  2. Replies
    1. As much fun to come up with as they were to read!

  3. Enjoyed your pictures and your info. Very enlightening. Feel like I know you better now Pooper..(typo stays)

  4. CWM:
    Great pics as usual.
    Guess that bird is a Herron (sorta-kinda)?

    LMAO at you A-Z answers, esp the VEGGIE one...
    (never eat your friends...gotta love that one)

    I might tackle that A-Z gig myself some day soon.
    Pretty cool stuff.

    Great post!

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I'd love to see you do it! It is a task that deserves a less than serious touch, doncha think?

  5. I bet your dog was so happy to be by that water!

    I loved your answers to the questions. Although for some reason the operation on the blood clot did cause me to cringe just a bit. I don't know why. It was just a bit odd. I bet it cost a fortune!

    1. Even with Hospital charity eating the actual hospital cost, there was radiology, anesthesia, cardiac doctor (who did the surgery), etc... down to just radiology now.

      Scrappy prefers it be a bit warmer, but he was thirsty. I still had to step out for a sec myself to get him to do it.

  6. Ok That is a very fat looking squirrel in the tree. Still looks very cold to me with the ice on the lake.
    Love the answers to the questions. Lots of fun