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Sunday, April 28, 2013

More fun walking

NOTE: after the picture post, we'll have the usual update on the weekend's AIHL action, and shortly (if not before this) I'll have a new post on the caps blog.

Yesterday was an amazingly beautiful day.  And thank God we enjoyed it, because it rained all night!  The day, though was in the 70's (21 to 26 for you Celsius-ers out there).  And bright?

How's that?  So off we went, and Scrappy was in a mood to swim.

No, that's not swimming, that's puddling.

Really starting to green up now.

Just kinda fascinated by big rocks in the woods.
Scrappy wanted me to go faster here.  Not gonna happen.

This is a nice sandy patch a few yards from the bridge on Stony Run.

Away from the bridge.

Saw a chipmunk dash up here, thought I'd take a chance...

It seemed unusual at first to go past the Alumni pond and no ducks.  This guy was hiding.

Here we are at the river.

I was trying to catch his ear whipping up in the wind.
Turtles at the swamp- just a couple of small ones.

Lotsa little frogs around, but was only able to catch this one.  Guess he failed backstroke class.

And swim #3 in the feeder south of the wooden bridge- just across from Friday's "Goose-mageddon".
Teeny tiny place with a lot of rushing water.

First contestant for the "Odd fungi of 2013" contest.

Not happy with us as we made our way towards the duck pond.

This dude thinks that one corner is his alone.  Get over yourself!


So, later on, KC comes over, and in a break in the action makes a McDonalds' run.  While gone, I see this out back:

Yep, Mr. Bunny Rabbit.  Moments later, I was telling my returning son about it and he said, "Dad...

" there's two bunnies!"  Which became funny because about a half-hour later...

...there were three!  And yes, I did look a half hour after that, and we were back down to one.

And that brings us to Hockey weekend in Oz.  As I type this Sunday morning, just like last week the details on today's games are not up yet, but here's what happened Saturday:

The Melbourne Ice got a goal and three assists from Matt Armstrong in a 5-2 win over Perth.  All seven goals were scored in the last two periods- even though Perth out shot the Ice 31-16 in those two periods.  So I guess the blame has to rest with 22-y-o Aussie goalie Michael Smart, in his first shot in the Australian big leagues.

Meanwhile, Melbourne's Mustangs were also getting a W, topping Canberra 6-4.  A back and forth game saw the 'Stangs pull ahead on 2 second period scores by Pat O'Kane, a New Hampshire Yankee fresh from Assumption College in Worcester, Mass.

And the battle of Sydney round one went to the Ice Dogs, who topped the Bears 5-4.  Did someone say back and forth?  The Ice Dogs built a 3-0 lead just shy of the halfway mark, only to see the Bears rally for 4 goals in a 8:32 span of the second period!  However, the Dogs picked up 2 in the third to win the match.

Okay, off to do the cap post!  I will update the AIHL if I get scores before this posts.


  1. A 26 deg day sounds perfect to me as our days are getting cooler and there are more grey skies than blue this week.
    Looks like a great walk too. Plenty of water around with plenty of things to encounter.

    1. I don't think I could've designed a better day.

  2. After week after week after week of blizzards, I'm looking forward to 70 degree weather so I can enjoy some walks of my own with my dogs.

    Also, those rabbits do that exact same thing in my neighborhood, except instead of grass it's under people's cars. They're only cute up until I have to re-solder the wiring underneath my engine.

    1. I remember the car- an Audi, wasn't it?- from your posts a while back. Yeah, I bet the Rockies are about sick of the snow too.

  3. CWM:
    Thsose bunnies are cute (and quiet)...

    What's odd is when they suddenly MULTIPLY like SE side tenants in a freshly-rented "crib"...LOL!
    We have had 3 so far at one time...keeps me busy (they like BIRD SEED - go figure).
    Last year, we had up to FIVE (not all at once, thankfully).
    Maybe you should set out a "buffet"

    Good post.
    Stay safe up there.

    1. Bird seed, huh? I might try that, God knows the birds haven't caught on yet.

  4. Those are the greatest pics. I love hanging with around ponds, creeks, bodies of water. The poor frog!! Very cool shots of the bunnies, birds, and of course Scrappy.

    1. Well, there's one thing we'd have in common. Water, like the rocks, just fascinates me.