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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hi, did you miss me?

After all, it's been a whole 24 hours.  Not that a lot has gone on, but some has.

Lawn mower was sure popular with the swallows.

See?    There's one.

Why Booogles get snuffalufagus (sneezes).

Wild raspberries- tiny and hard, but I'll bet deer like 'em.

Buckeyes- the intelligent kind

Last night's creepy fungi in daylight.

Blue jay hiding

Chipmunk ditto.

Why this picture?  Well, seconds before a fox was in front of me, rolling in the grass to get cooled off.  He took off before I could focus and shoot, and when I tried to follow, Scrappy was behind me, rolling in the grass to cool off.  By the time he got untangled, Mr. Fox was long gone.

But we did see Mr. Ground Hog.  As per usual, when we arrived at the scene, Scrappy tracked him from the hole he disappeared into to the bush he came out of in the first place.  He has a dyslexic nose, I guess.

Later on, to alleviate boredom, I thought it might be a swell idea to break out the metal detector.  We found a pull tab, a soda cap, and a penny (2001, sorry).  I also found that my shirt upon returning was near as wet as it was after the storm last night. (Well, the night before- this IS the next day.)

A better idea came to me later, and as a result I have an announcement.  For the next few weeks, your weekly trip on the Time Machine will include.....  (drum roll...)  The Great 50's Countdown!!!  For you newbies, I have done Great sixties, seventies, and eighties countdowns in stand alone columns previously, but this one will be a "short" 100 song, fifteen-a-week feature within TM starting this week.  PS_ If you are really bored and want to dig through the sixties countdown (October 8 through November 12, 2011) You will find a 60s cover of the 50s #1.  Or you can just wait five weeks like a sensible person would.

Today, it was rain, followed by hot, followed by rain.  Plus, we were off our game.  Scrappy failed to notice a chipmunk crossing his path 2 feet in front of him this afternoon.  In his defense... well, I can't defend it.  He didn't even get a good scent off him.  Rain seems to mess him up.

This morning was the great Paula Deen interview on the Today show.  Without a complete and thorough analysis of the interview (which was composed, as I figured, equal parts of Matt Lauer trying to get answers to specific questions and Paula trying to give her side sans the direction of said questions), I do have this to say.  I have watched words and actions bring down many public figures.  Wilbur Mills, Earl Butz, Gary Hart, many, many others.  But these days, it doesn't matter who you are inside or how you feel.  There are so many hypersensitive PC mavens out there, with agendas and axes to grind.  Watching every word that comes out of every mouth, like little members of the Nazi home front, waiting to get the least evidence against someone.  Purpose: to fulfill their lives by destroying someone else's.  I'm sure Serena Williams knows what I mean.  And the target du jour is Paula Deen.  If I haven't made it clear before, this is my take (once again, scroll down if slur-sensitive):  I don't care if Paula said nigger.  I don't care if she said it many, many times. Nigger nigger nigger, it's JUST A FREAKING WORD, and it ain't worth destroying someone's life.  And more than just a word, it's a double standard, when African Americans can say it to each other all theyt want and then go, "Nyah Nyah, you can't say that!"

In closing, I wish that those without sin would take that rock Paula told them to throw at her, and hit themselves in the head with it.  If they have no more of a life than to try and destroy the lives of others, then quit wasting valuable oxygen.

You all know I'm not prejudiced, just sick of PC double-standards.  Sick of watching my city be terrorized because the city's attorneys are too afraid of racial profiling to allow the FWPD to enforce the law properly.  And sick of people who have their computers set to "celebrity" and whatever buzz word fits their particular grudge so that they can descend like locusts on anyone with an opinion contrary to theirs.

I guess in the same vein, I have very little to say about the Supreme Court shooting down the Defense Of Marriage Act.  In this world of moral decay, it was a law designed to be overturned, and the only surprises were Bill Clinton's signature on it in 1996 and that it took this long to nail it.  Christians, this is NOT our world.  To expect laws to contain Christian morality (no matter how close the connection to common sense) is foolish.  To expect laws to defend the sanctity of marriage as God and nature intended, or laws to uphold and protect the dignity of life, or laws to protect Christians against those who have a self-interest in destroying the morality of society, is silly.  Even now on Facebook, the cry is "this isn't about gay rights, it's about freedom of religion". It's not about either one.  It's about the world reclaiming its own.  More to come.

Okay, that's two rants in two days, I'm sorry.

Finally, as the sports guy I am, I have to have my say once again on Aaron Hernandez.  First, as my son says, why would anyone making millions of dollars TO PLAY A GAME still have to tie his manhood to the thug life?  Well, it starts with a lack of intelligence.  Let's get together underneath MY surveillance cameras.  Let's let the guy text while we're driving him around with intent to kill him.  Let's dump the body near MY home.  Let's scrub the house top to bottom, and smash up said surveillance system (but apparently not the tapes).  Let's throw shell casings in a nearby dumpster, and for an added bonus, a wad of MY chewing gum that I just chewed (full of MY DNA) goes in, too.  Let's leave another gun at the scene with MY fingerprints.  (Can't believe it?  here's the FoxNews story.)  Now you tell me, who is dumber: the man who said this:

Hernandez became a father on Nov. 6 and said he intended to change his ways: "Now, another one is looking up to me. I can't just be young and reckless Aaron no more. I'm going to try to do the right things."

Or the people who did this:

Later, as he was taken from the North Attleboro police station to court, two dozen supporters cheered, some yelling, "We love you, Aaron!"

Yeah, read that and tell me again you are surprised Barack Obama was elected president twice.


  1. Thank Gawd! I was thinking you were still incapacitated from your run! :)

    Hmm, where to start... The N word is tricky. But I will say that when my friend's son in HS talks with his friends, they all call each other that... regardless of their color. A teacher overheard him say it to his friend, who had just said "hey w'sup N?" to him, and got suspended. Even after his friend said he wasn't offended and it wasn't a big deal. The friend who said it first was not suspended or even spoken to. Wanna guess who was black and who was white?

    I will only say this about the overturn... "they" want civil unions, not christian marriages. None of "them" are insisting on being "married" in churches that won't have them. They just want the same legal rights as you and I. It's simply NOT a religious issue. And I know we disagree here, so I'll leave it at that.

    The Aaron thing. He's an idiot. And here in Patriot nation, it's on every. stinking. channel.

    gawd help us all...

  2. I don't think we disagree... "Even now on Facebook, the cry is "this isn't about gay rights, it's about freedom of religion". It's not about either one. It's about the world reclaiming its own." It doesn't debase my religious rights to overturn. It does add to the general rot of society, but that's going to happen. Like you said, it's about legal rights. Unfortunately, it's tangled in moral wrongs, and no ballot box is in charge of that.

    Not really incapacitated, but after yesterday more than willing to have a rain day. Both of us.

    I figured you'd be under "Aaron" saturation. I guess that's one benefit of not having any major league teams in Ft Wayne. You get it on national AND local. And me.

  3. CWM:
    The pictures and travelogue were superb...nasty fungus but the raspberried look fine enough.

    As for the balance of the post?
    Sorry, but NO "golf-clap" for you with THIS.

    I think THUNDEROUS APPLAUSE would better suffice...!!!
    VERY well said.
    From Deen to PC-BS to Clinton writing into law the 1996 act, then it being overturned by the SCOTUS, and Clinton praising it...(oh, the hypocracy)...You nailed ALL of it squarely on the head, my friend.

    We've become SUCH a Godless world these days, supplanting hedonistic entertainment for TRUE enlightenment and's nauseating.

    VERY good post.
    And I do look forward to the '50s countdown included in the TM ride.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I am certainly no saint, but I have a low tolerance for those who celebrate evil and smile and paint it as good.

      The raspberries were tiny, hard, and (I have to admit) sour. Fit for birds, but not the sophisticated palette of man.

  4. It is amazing what can be blown out of proportion. There have been many people in this world who made mistakes in their past and will make mistakes in their future. It only takes a second to go from "loved" to "hated" and the truth doesn't really matter.

  5. Its crazy that she Paula Deen is the scapegoat for being racist and losing her job. Look at Charlie Sheen, Gary Busey, etc other celebs who have said worse and still have jobs.

    1. Another gold star! And here I thought I was going to get a major poo-pooing for this one. Only lost one follower.