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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday walk

First though, here's a look at last night's "supermoon"...

Moving right along, it was a walk right after Dr. Jeremiah for Scrappy and me.  And we soon were passed in the woods by a jogger.


Now I do not hate joggers or jogging as a concept (other than, as Juli can tell you, I'M not gonna be the one doing it).  However... I don't mean to say that it attracts a self-centered crowd, but consider- a jogger jogs to stay in shape, to improve themselves.  Someone like us, who walk through the woods, are there to enjoy the beauty of nature.  A jogger can jog on a road, a sidewalk, a parking lot.  Anywhere they jog- and more particularly if they stay out in the sun- will take off the pounds and firm up the muscles.  ALL you accomplish jogging in the woods is scaring off the animals that ANYBODY ELSE might want to see.  If you want to do your exercise in your own little world, that's okay, more power to you.  We have plenty of open trail to do that on.  Why ruin it for us by running in the woods?  Almost done with rant, on to pictures.

For example, the jogger in question immediately scared a deer I would have otherwise been able to show you.  But his damnable running kept the deer on the move and out of the area.

I thought I might have seen her head here, dead center peeking up...

...but, it was actually this.  Thanks bunches, buddy!

A jogger runs through life never stopping to see some of the marvelous little things in God's creation... tree boobs.  Now I'm done ranting.

New bridge coming along fine...

Turtle relaxing in the swamp...

Scrappy giving the WTH look to frogs jumping into the swamp ahead of us.

I decided to hang out under the IPFW (Venderley) bridge.  A couple of pigeons had the same idea.

Something was up with this one.  Other than turning his head or blinking an eye, he never moved.

It was too hot, and we were too broke to enjoy Riverfest yesterday.  I sure missed the pontoon rides...

Here's Scrappy being pissed that I made him rest.

"Tough $#!t.  We are resting for a while!"

For those of you that haven't seen it yet, it is a very nice bridge.

A while back, Bobby G. teased me about the size of our rivers.  It's not the size, it's the beauty.  And you can find that anywhere.

Back down the ravine trail...

...she came back and posed for us!

Just stood there watching, until the trail wound us too close.  Then she snorted and jumped away...

...just far enough to get her comfortable spot, and then watched us all the way back to the main trail.

Okay, now I'm getting tired.


  1. I get to enjoy the wildlife through your pictures. :) Walking is better than jogging any day!

  2. Alright, 'fess up... How'd you get that dear deer to put them light blue marbles in her eye sockets? Very cool.

    Got 'That's Why God Made The Radio' playing as I read and type. Great music.

    Earlier tonight, my Brother and I watched 'AMERICAN GRAFFITI' again (for, like, the one thousand and twenty-third time) and that naturally got me thinkin' 'bout them Beach Boys.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. Now THERE'S a movie on my top list!

  3. Maybe that jogger was being chased by a werewolf.
    Supermoon and all.....

    1. About 11 hours difference. He had his own daemons chasing him...

  4. Replies
    1. FINALLY! A laugh out of that line! I laughed all the way home thinking about it. God bless you!