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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Lotsa Little Bits vol. 23

ITEM: Note to self:  you should right numerical post #s down somewhere so you don't have to back up to the dashboard to look it up every time.  Or just stop putting numbers on them.  Whichever.

ITEM: Apparently that also goes for pictures.

ITEM: I am back at work, and my lower back, hip, and the right knee which I have rested my weight on for probably 46 of my 51 years know it.  Other than that, normal day.  Except when they shut my power off without telling me as they examined a buss bar at 6:30 AM.

ITEM:  I have so many examples of utter stupidity out there in the world, we're going to launch they first (perhaps weekly) Aaron Hernandez stupidity award!

Chose brawn (and ink) over brains.  Boy, did he!
ITEM:  Our first contestant is  Bradley Heyne, 26, of Coldwater, Ohio.  I am sorry that his little maneuver cost him his life, but... Let me see.  I'm at a sand bar in a lake.  Let me jump off a boat head first.  Probably would have been a better idea to do a belly-smacker.  Then you wouldn't have to tell St. Peter, "I guess I should have considered that water is usually shallow around a sand bar".

ITEM:  Contestant #2 , Matthew Zeno, 30, of Brooklyn, whose "forgot to consider" moment was on the subway's third rail.  Not surprisingly, alcohol was a factor.  Surprisingly, alcohol does nothing for one's electrical resistance.

ITEM: I have a couple of contestants of which, in fairness to the bloggers who first reported them, you'll have to follow the links. At Bobby G.s place, you will see the story of a Philly copper stealer who shoulda oughta of checked to see if the gas was still on; and at Fort Wayne Media Maven, you'll meet someone having a hard time with the concept of "before and after".

ITEM:  Just how many idiots are there in Philly these days?  Our next contestant is (former) real estate agent Andrea Straub.

The "former" comes in because she and her part-time agent husband were caught on security camera defacing and knocking down their neighbor's For Sale sign, and littering the yard with dead snakes and rats.  You might not want to file with her; but if you have, better wait till she sells it and ixnay on the new agent.

ITEM:  That's our five contestants for today!  Go to comments and pick which one gets the A-H award this week (hey that's funny, Hernandez has the same initials as... uh....)

ITEM:  Here's our AIHL update. Two games each day, And we start off with Adelaide edging Canberra 5-4 in a shootout.  Adelaide has struggled since the Ouellette brothers returned to Canada ( and if I ever find out why, I'll let you in on it), but they get a win when Matthew Haywood, who had scored late to give the Ads a 4-3 lead, got the third goal of the OT for the winners.  Haywood comes to the Ads to fill in one of the now empty Ouellette spots from Braehead in the UK Elite league, where he's put up identical 10 goal, 30, point seasons the last 2 years.  In the other Saturday game, Perth broke open a tight game with the Mustangs by outshooting them 23-9 and outscoring them 4-1 in a 5-2 win.  Brian Berger's two goals led the winners there.

Sunday, the 'Stangs took the second game out west from Perth 4-2.  A 3-goal first put it away for the Melbourne team, with Pat O'Kane bagging two scores.  In the meantime, the game between the Ads and the Sydney Ice Doggies was also a third period decision.  Adelaide rattled off 18 shots at Anthony Kimlin and scored twice;  Sydney managed only 8 shots, but beat Rick Parry 3 times, as the Doggies get a 6-3 win.  Sydney scored three of the game's four short handed goals, with Simon Barg accounting for one of his 2 goals and both of his assists on those plays.  In the meantime, a real blowout occurred between the Dogs' David Dunwoodie and the Ads' Darren Corstens;  Dunwoodie got a 2-minute check-from-behind, a 5-minute rough, a ten-minute misconduct, and a game, while Corstens got a 5 and a game.

Sydney's win gets them into a tie in points (9-4-4, 34 pts) with Newcastle (10-4-2); Melbourne's Ice are 2 points back, Perth 7, the 'Stangs 8, the Ads 12, the Bears 18, and Canberra now 27 points south of first.  Back to a full schedule next week, with Adelaide getting two more shots at 2-14-1 Canberra, and the big three getting one game each.

ITEM:  Finally, I was going to set aside some space to apologize for mocking the Yankees fall into fourth place, as they got hot early in the week and moved up, threatening even second place Baltimore.  But, as I checked out the standings today, I see the charge has subsided and they're back in fourth.  Sucks to be them.


  1. There are so many stupid people, I fear you may run out of numbers for posts.

    1. But the dumber they get, the less they can count, and I can eventually recycle smaller numbers.

  2. Sounds like somebody had too much to drink at the sand bar.

  3. Oh, by the way, never underestimate the number of idiots in Philly. There's plenty of them here. Starting with the mayor.

    1. And this has been a bad year for 'em.

    2. But they don't have a Weiner running for mayor like NYC. Which is just as well. Because they have a dick already.

    3. C'mon, Al. Tell us how you really feel about Hizzoner...

  4. I am always hopeful that with the early demise of some of these stupid people, it will only benefit the gene pool, but I doubt it

    1. Bob and I have often talked about Darwin's herd thinning. Unfortunately, I have to quote from a comic book for the answer to your question... Kang the Conqueror said it: "Because they're idiots... and they're creating MORE idiots!"

  5. I think you can run your contest every day. That is just mean and vicious to put dead animals on someone's yard. How can a real estate agent not think there might be a security camera???

    1. Same way a football player can throw shell casings and chewed gum in the same dumpster and figure he won't get caught.

  6. CWM:
    LOL...I couldn't choose JUST ione of these "candidates" if you PAID me (just not from Laurie's account, 'K?)

    --T hanks for the H/T re: the Philly story.
    I used to roam that neighborhood (among many others) as a "yout".

    -- The Brooklyn numbnut (literally) was a real "pisser"...!

    -- Aaron Hernandez...dropped at birth, no doubt.

    -- And there is a LOT more idiots in Philly...ask the PPD!
    (some make the Broad ST "duck lady" seem tame)

    -- As for the aches and pains?
    I can DEFINITELY agree with you.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. You and Al both come from the area, so I know it's not the water or some mutational radiation leak in Philly. But like mushrooms, they sure have popped out over there this year...