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Monday, July 29, 2013

Lotsa Little Bits vol. 25

ITEM:  First up, I have to question the ability of some reporters to proofread their own copy.  To wit, here is a chunk from the story about the Baltimore Ravens signing former Viking Visanthe Shiancoe:

The Ravens were reportedly considering signing Shiancoe even before the injury to Pitta. Shiancoe played in just four games last season with the New England Patriots, and did not have any catches. He last played in an NFL game in 2011 with the Minnesota Vikings and has 243 receptions for 2,677 yards and 27 touchdowns in 148 career games.

Okay, so did he last play for New England in 2012, or Minnesota in 2011?  I will give them points for efficiency, though; if you're going to have two different stories, put 'em both in the same paragraph.

ITEM: While I know the liberal elite and media would LOVE for you to think that the US of A is the ONLY place where prejudice exists, I give you Italy, courtesy the BBC:

Black Italian minister Kyenge suffers banana insult

Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge in Rome, 16 July

Italian politicians have reacted with anger after the country's first black minister had bananas thrown at her during a political rally.

Integration Minister Cecile Kyenge, who has suffered racial abuse in the past, dismissed the act as "a waste of food".

But Environment Minister Andrea Orlando said on Twitter he felt the "utmost indignation" over the incident.

Earlier this month an Italian senator apologised after saying Ms Kyenge reminded him of an orangutan.

Congolese-born Ms Kyenge was speaking at a Democratic Party (PD) rally in Cervia on Friday when an unidentified spectator threw bananas towards the stage, narrowly missing her.

Italian police say they are trying to find the culprit.

Yes, well, that sort of thing would never happen in a "civilized" country.

ITEM:  According to the BBC, the Pope is having some trouble in his job description.  It seems he told a Brazilian interviewer,  "If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who am I to judge them?"  True- you are no one to judge them.  However, as the leader of the oldest and largest Christian denomination, it IS your job to say that forgiveness comes with repentance, and homosexuality is a sin.

"The problem is not having this orientation," he said. "We must be brothers. The problem is lobbying by this orientation, or lobbies of greedy people, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies, so many lobbies. This is the worse problem." Excuse me, but the problem is with considering it an orientation.  It is, in the end, a choice.  You can look at a behavior and realize it is wrong, and chose to not do it.  Just like an alcoholic can choose not to drink, because he knows that that is the right choice.  Not saying it's easy, not saying that making the wrong choice makes you evil.  But the facts are: A) by any intelligent standard, it is against the way nature intended.  B) It is a sin throughout the Bible.  And C) repenting of a sin is required for forgiveness- repenting meaning recognizing the action is sinful and making an effort to turn from it.  I find it difficult to understand how he can declare that the act is a sin, but the orientation is "not a problem".

And, "Masonic lobbies"?  Really?

ITEM:  One final story from the news front- Philadelphia pitcher (or should that be spelled with a "b") Jonathon Papelbon is a bit upset with his team losing 8 straight:

"No, I would like to stay here," Papelbon said. "But if I'm going to have to put up with this year after year, then no, I don't want to be here. Why would you? Why would anybody?"

Hmm.  So Papelbon leaves the Red Sox ( a team on which he was judged to be "part of the problem" and jettisoned two years ago) to sign a $50 million, 4 year deal with the Phillies, a team that just ended a 9-year streak of winning records by falling 21 games to 81-81 last year.  And he apparently thought that his mere presence would magically stem the tide.  But after a year and two thirds, in which his incredible talents haven't stemmed the tide, he's ready to bail.

Kinda reminds you of Ernie Banks, right?  I mean, Ernie, a HOF shortstop with the Cubs from 1953-71, played on losing teams on 13 of his first 14 seasons, and was best known for saying with a smile, "Let's play two."  Okay, maybe it doesn't sound so much like Ernie.  Maybe it sounds more like Zach Grienke, who, when he wants off a losing team, he just plays like crap till they trade him.  Worked in Kansas City AND Milwaukee.  Maybe if you just blow a few saves...

ITEM:  The sixty-second AIHL report!  The Ice Dogs of Sydney and Adelaide had a doubleheader weekend.  Game one Saturday saw a 1-1 tie after 2 periods saw the teams combine for 8 third period scores.  The Ads pulled to a 3-1 lead, saw the game tied by 2 Todd Stephenson goals before taking a 4-3 lead, then giving up 2 shorthanders followed by an empty net score, and the Ice Dogs win 6-4.  Sunday it was again 1-1 after 2, but this time Adelaide tallied 4 scores in the third for a 5-1 win.

It was another doubleheader for Melbourne's Ice and Perth.  In the first match, Perth scored first but then saw the Ice score 5 straight en route to a 5-3 win.  In Sunday's game, league scoring leader Matt Armstrong, who had late power-play and shorthanded goals to help the Ice to a 5-5 tie after regulation, was shut out in a shootout; Perth's Dan Mohle got the only SO score for a 6-5 Perth win.

The other Saturday game saw Mustangs goalie Jon Olthuis handle 45 of 46 shots as the 'Stangs overcame being outshot 46-24 to beat Newcastle 2-1.  Newcastle wasn't aided by the 18 minutes in penalties whistled on their player John Kennedy.

The 'Stangs went on to swamp the Sydney Bears Sunday 10-3.  Jamie Bourke had a hat trick, and Jack Woglemuth and Alex Hall added 2 each.  Newcastle rebounded with a 9-5 win over struggling Canberra.  Dominic Osmun scored a hat and Jeff Martens added 2; and John Kennedy redeemed himself with a goal and three assists, and NO penalties!

The Ice Dog split kept them in first place (12-6-4, 43 points), with the Ice (13-4-3, 42 pts) and Newcastle (12-6-3, 42 pts), hot on the trail.  The Ads, 'Stangs, and Perth are all within 9 points of the lead.

ITEM:  Close it out with a couple pictures.

A once busy thouroughfare- the north end of California road.

Relaxing at IPFW.  Moments later, he would find a snake... a big black racer, I think, sunning by the river.

First time I ever saw herons perch...

Heard this horrible screeching, and then saw the source- little bird chasing a hawk again.

Scrappy checking out a bigtooth aspen.

"But, honey, I brought lunch..."

#2 was just about to go swimming...

Someone loves his Mommy...

Learned this morning that cats don't pay any more attention than dogs.  Kitty walked straight at us a la Gary Cooper for several yards- THEN he looked up and saw us.

Of course, Scrappy saw him only when he finally ran the other way- and charged after him until an older scent on the other side of the trail caught his nose.


  1. It seems like ages since I have gone for a stroll with Scrappy. Now you know I know bugga all about sport so will not touch those for the minister having bananas thrown at her, well she should had picked one up peeled it and said thanks I am hungry.........

    1. HAH! I wish she would've thought of that too! What better way to heap burning coals on your enemy!

  2. CWM:
    As a Philly born and bred individual, I can truthfully say that MANY major sports teams in that town (with the wondwerful exception of the FLYERS hockey franchise) just LOVE to purchase "damaged goods", whenever it comes to problematic players and astronomical salary contracts.

    And then they go and build NEW stadiums to play at when they raze arenas that barely have 30 years under them...(wow, that sounds famuiliar somehow - Parkview Field).

    Great pics as always, too.

    Stay safe up thre.

    1. Just a bad year for Philly, all in all.