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Friday, August 16, 2013

Something to look at

Walks have been fewer, and not seeing a lot of really amazing stuff.  But beauty is really all around.  Anyway, here's what we've seen lately.

A set of what I assume were mating hawks.  Unfortunately, I never got them both in the same picture.  She was shy, doncha know.

New bridge coming along... but temp bridge now gone.

One froggy...

...two froggy...


About this time, we ran into (or rather she caught up with us) a lady walker who was out enjoying the evening as her son played with the socceristas at the Plex.  We clued her in on the neat trails in the area, and she made friends with Scrappy.
At this point (right now), Blogger is having another of its famous "sh!t fits" and doesn't want me to put in captions on pictures when I put up more than one picture at a time.  It thinks the "Add Caption" function means "move the picture two pictures up".  So I'll just have to narrate from here.  Anyway, about the only sounds in the woods were me, Scrappy, a lone runner, and one bird.  But we did get to see this-

Lovin' him some nectar!   As we left the woods, we came down "Ground Hog Way" and sure enough-

Yep, good ol' Grandpa!  And shortly thereafter, Scrappy was busily sniffing out where he came from- until I pointed out where he WENT.


  1. What a beautiful butterfly. I can never seem to get a decent photo of those little critters

    Thank you for bringing us on your walk :)

  2. Chris:
    Those are some excellent hawk photos...
    We had one zoom over the "fortress" last evening just before sunset at treetop level...first time I EVER saw that.
    Luckily, Mr. Bunny remained in iour yard (no free meal there).
    Nice butterfly pics,too.

    That's one big ole groundhog, too...glad he's not burrowing anywhere close to US!

    Great travelogue.

    Stya safe up there.

    1. Mr. Ground Hog requires ditches and quiet areas. Maybe if you put in the moat...

  3. Great pictures! Wasn't it Yogi Berra who said (and I'm sure the quote is a little mangled): "You can see a lot just by watching."?

    1. That it was, though you gotta wonder what he was seeing at times.