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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thirty questions on music- and a couple of bonuses

Fellow traveler in the blogoverse DiscConnected played along with a game passed down from a slew of other places where thirty questions about what you like in music.  I said, this looks like fun, and began to play along.  As I did, I found some hard to answer (I have three I haven't answered as I type), some kinda repetitive (at least for me), some that songs had to be switched around as I hit different questions, some which I said, "I wish I'd have used HIS answer", and ONE that I wish was asked and wasn't.  So, without further doo-doo-

1- A song you like with a color in the title:  Blue Velvet by Bobby Vinton, with his Blue On Blue a close second.  I've mentioned many times before the (delayed) effect my Mom's taste in music had on me.  And blue IS my favorite color...

2-A song you like with a number in the title: First thing that came to mind, Nena's 99 Balloons (or luftballons, if you prefer the German lyrics).  An eerie look at nuclear war and the results.

3-A song that reminds you of summertime:  God, that's a BIIIG category.  First one I thought of was Pilot's Magic, which will always remind me of Fawn Forest campground, and the bird that shat blueberries on my niece's shoulder just seconds into our stay.

4- A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget about:  This might have been harder if it hadn't been brought up this weekend.  Semisonic's Closing Time.  For my ex.

5- A song that needs to be played LOUD:  Anything by KISS, especially Tears Are Falling!

6- A song that makes you want to dance:  When I saw DC use Dexy's Midnight Runners' C'mon Eileen on another question farther down, I said, crap, that would have been perfect, too!  But I'm trying to go with first thought, so it's Earth Wind And Fire with Let's Groove here.

7- A song to drive to:  Again, there are so many.  My first thought when I was reading the original article was Spring Vacation from the Beach Boys recent That's Why God Made The Radio lp.  As I type, the Eagles' Hotel California sprang to mind.

8-A song about drugs or alcohol:  After DC mentioned Neil Young's The Needle And The Damage Done, I slapped my head.  But there are a ton of great songs that either were (Incense And Peppermints) or were alleged to be (25 Or 6 To 4).  I went with the Byrds' Eight Miles High.

9- A song that makes you happy:  When I need cheered up, I rarely go farther than Barry Manilow and Daybreak (the live version, natch).

10- A song that makes you sad:  There's a fine line here between "sad" and "depressed".  I'll go with Hootie and the Blowfish's Time.

11- A song you never get tired of:  The poster child for me here is Manfred Mann's Blinded By The Light.

12- A song from your pre-teen years:  This is where we run into repetition for me, because songs of "pre-teen years", "childhood", and "your birth year" all run together for me.  In fact, I'm going to flip answers on the fly here.  A song that sticks with me from grade school bus rides would be the Guess Who with Albert Flasher.  "It was a cold snowy rainy afternoon and we were sitting there in high school, my school..."

13- One of your favorite 80's songs:  "And now you find yourself in '82.."  Asia, Heat Of The Moment.  Not the winner on the Great Eighties Countdown mind you, but the best exemplar for me of the time period.  My only regret is, why not ask for a 70's song?  Or sixties? Or nineties?

14- A song that you would love played at your wedding:  Well, that ship has sailed, but I'll go with the Beach Boys again and God Only Knows.

15- A song that is a cover from another artist:  The best example for me of a song I love covered into a song I love, would be Merilee Rush's Angel Of The Morning, redone by Juice Newton.

16- One of your favorite classical songs:  Ages ago, a man named Bill Pierce did a Christian radio program called Nightsounds.  It always began with a version of Claude DeBussey's Sounds Of The Night, with a background vocal I just loved.  Have not been able to find it anywhere.

17- A song you would sing duet with at karaoke:  This one's easy for me:  Her Town Too, by James Taylor and JD Souther.

18- A song from the year you were born (1962):  Was there another?  The Four Seasons, Sherry.

19- A song that makes you think about life:  This is a toughie, and one of the ones I'm answering on the fly.  I'm going to go with Carly Simon's Anticipation.  The part where she tells him something now that she "Rehearsed just late last night, when thinking about how right tonight might be."  I have done that a million times over the years.  One of the traits I'd most like to expunge.

20- A song that has many meanings to you:  If you have read ANY of my New Years Eve posts over the years, you should know what to expect here- Counting Crows, A Long December.

21- A favorite song with a person's name in the title:  My favorite not mentioned to fit this category, Barry Manilow again with Mandy.

22- A song that moves you forward:  Anyone who knows me would probably guess, "Chris?  Move forward?"  And they'd be right.  After much debate here, the only good example of this I can come up with is (yet again) the Beach Boys and Sail On Sailor.

23- A song you think everyone should listen to:  Anything I like!  (Just kidding...)  Another category that is blank as I type...How about Suzanne Vega's Luka...

24- A song by a band you wish was still together:  Ah, an easy one at last.  ELO, Strange Magic.

25- A song by an artist no longer living:  Boy, this is a category that expanded a lot the last few years.  My first thought was something by Elvis, but then the perfect song for the category came to me.  John Denver, I'm Sorry.

26- A song that makes you fall in love:  Luckily not a problem I have anymore.  Perhaps the last big one in this category for me would be Huey Lewis' Do You Believe In Love.

27- A song that breaks your heart:  Seasons In The Sun, Terry Jacks.  One of those that steps past "sad" towards "depressing".

28- A song by an artist with a voice that you love:  A lot of those too.  I'll go with Judith Durham and the Seekers, how about with I'll Never Find Another You.

29- A song you remember from your childhood:  The theme to my childhood- the Theme To A Summer Place by Percy Faith.

30- A song that reminds you of yourself:  I've actually done this one before- Counting Crows, Rain King.

And one question I think definitely needs to be asked-

31- The song you want played at your funeral:  When my infant niece died shortly after birth, the drive from the funeral home to the church featured this song coming on the radio- Share The Land by the Guess Who.  I hope to one day sing it to her in heaven.


Here's some other bonus material...

KC reminded me that the woods is full of beautiful shots.

I stopped to lean against a tree, and Scrappy spotted the deer!  The young'uns got away before I got ready, but the leader stayed for pictures...


And the AIHL playoffs are set- Sydney Ice Dogs (18-6-4) vs the Melbourne Ice (16-8-4) and the Perth Thunder (17-9-2) vs Newcastle North Stars (17-7-4); the winners play for the championship Sunday.



  1. But CW....

    Wasn't "Blinded By The Light" a Bruce Springsteen song?

    Actually, Manfred Mann covered quite a few of his tunes, although this one certainly was the one that got played.

    I kind of wish this were a blogfest, simply because I'd like to see people's answers to question #19.


    1. Didn't say it couldn't be a cover...
      And I know about the successful Mann/Springsteen partnership- For You was in the first round of my Autumn Madness tournament!

  2. Any list that includes multiple Beach Boys songs CAN'T be a bad list!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. Chris:
    Now THAT is a list that has got me thinking long and hard about SO many wonderful (and yes, fun)songs.
    You got some ones there that I would easily rank with the question posed.

    And naturally, some very nice pictures of our outing.

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there.

  4. I had to laugh when I saw 99 Balloons. I used to love that song - both versions. A song about drugs - my favorite is Metallica's Master of Puppets. A song I remember from childhood is anything from Donna Summers. My parents killed me with her album over and over and over and over!!! AAAAHHHH

    What a great list!!

  5. I'd forgotten that you had done this with us.

    Good list of songs. Interesting addition with the funeral song and and unusual pick that I'd never have though about.

    Bobby Vinton's "Blue" songs hold so many memories for me of my junior high school days. More innocent times trying to lose my innocence.

    Tossing It Out