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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

And where have you been, young man?

Well, yesterday, I was a touch under the weather.  Thus, while I commented here and there, I didn't post anything.  But, today I made it through a day of work, and came home to find Laurie down with much the same symptoms I had.

So, the main excitement for today was a trip to the Hump'n'Dump.  Let them screw around in Washington, let the Jihad rise up and make ever-greater asses of themselves.  WEe had fun and ran around.

 I didn't quite catch the little one's name- it was (something) Baby.  They ran around, they sniffed each other.  Scrappy showed off by peeing THROUGH the jump-ring.  And then Baby's daddy went to leave...

 First Baby took off running, Scrappy hot on her heels.  Then, she stopped...

 ...and started circling Scrappy, teasing him.  Jumping up, then back.  Scrappy tried to follow, but Baby was playing not to leave, I think.

Finally, Baby's dad said enough is enough and away they went.

A little bit later, another dog Scrappy knew dropped by, but wasn't as fun-and-games as the other one.  So we went for a short walk....

...during which he managed to get caught in bushes not once, but twice.  But, It was a good day for it.

"Started out this morning feeling so polite,
I always thought a fish could not be caught that didn't bite.
But you got some bait a-waiting ..."

"Harv!! Shut up fer someone hears you singing Afternoon Delight!"


  1. Sorry you weren't feeling well, I think somethings going 'round down here in Indy, too.

    1. It was short term variety, thank you.

  2. Scrappy is so cute! I used to read your blog a year or so ago but left the blogsphere for a while. Glad to see you are still at it!

    1. Thank you, and Scrappy thanks you, too!

  3. Beautiful lake pics. :) I was just thinking today how pretty it's getting round here. Not that I got to enjoy much of it... I ran around more on my day off than if I had worked.

    Feel better. IT seems where ever you live in this country, something's going around. My Mom's got it something wicked.

    1. Hope she's better as quick as we were...

  4. CWM:
    First off..."the hump snd dump"...ROFLMAO!
    (one could ALSO use that affectation to describe most of the rentals down here)

    Excellent photos as usual.
    (I expect no less from our resident shutterbug)

    That one pic of the river was really cool...even if 'ya look at it UPSIDE DOWN!
    (imagine that...and don't ask)

    Hope you're feeling better soon...and if not, stop down here and I guarantee you'll LAUGH yourself well in NO time with all the mooks arouind (never failed ME yet).

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Yeah, it was just another sinus thing...