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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another boring sports post

Hey, have you been over to the NHFFL page lately?  Why, how else will you know if the State Ducks are still undefeated, or if the Clock BBQs won their big matchup against division rival the Elks?  How else will you keep track as the Purple division goes down the tubes? Pop over and check it out- it's 2 minutes you'll never get back!

In the meantime, I decided it's time to look at how my favorite hockey teams around the world are doing.  If you dozed through last time, in the interests of making a "level playing field" I'm counting all OT games as ties and giving 1/2 a win credit, and doing winning percentage that way.  In a few weeks, I'll be able to add out hometown Fort Wayne Komets to the mix, but for now, the "big 17":

Rouen of France, 4-0-1, .900 (tied for first/14 team league)
SonderjyskE of Denmark, 7-1-0, .875, 1/9
Val Pusteria of Italy, 6-1-0, .857, 1/8
Sanok of Poland, 7-2-2, .727, t1/9
Stavenger of Norway, 6-3-1, .650, 3/10
Sheffield of the UK, 4-2-1, .643, 4/10
Ocelari Trinec of Czech Rep., 7-4-1, .625, 3/14
Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg of Germany, 6-4-1, .591, t3/14
Reckord VSV of Austria, 6-4-2, .583, t2/12
JYP Jyvaskyla of Finland, 6-4-3, .577, 5/14
NY Islanders of the NHL, 2-2-2, .500, 13/30
Lokomotiv Yaroslavl of the KHL, 5-6-5, .469, t15/28
Geneva Servette of Switzerland, 5-6-2, .462, t7/12
Farjestads of Sweden, 4-6-2, .417, t10/12
Martin of Slovakia, 3-6-4, .385, 8/11
Lida of Belarus, 4-9-1, .321, 8/10
annnd  Tohoku Free Blades of the Asia League, 2-6-3, .318, 6/8.

Sometime next week I'll look at leading scorers again.

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