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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The great snow storm, many is this?

The plan is to update this say noonish, so check back again...


Geez... can I even get it open? (Answer:  yes)

Path dug so Scrappy can get out

Back yard is pretty sheltered, and STILL got 6 inches...

Has to dig a hole to pee...

...let alone #2.

Out front, where you get a more accurate reading.

8 AM- 8 inches and coming down good.

Stay tuned for more later.

UPDATE:  Snow ends right around 10:30 AM.  Final tally?

Right about 9 and a half.  FWA reporting nine on the dot.


  1. I WANT A SNOW DAY!!!!!!! I know its no fun for yall but dangit i am jealous. I want to work from home in my pajamas with snow all around.

    1. Well, being laid off this week it's all the same to me... but it fell just right, I think Laurie's going to be stuck with working, not only before but after!

  2. Chris:
    Really good coverage of the snow (and BY the
    Scrappy's got that "why me?" look outside...understandable, but he SHOULD be ecstatic he's NOT a dachshund!
    Down here in ghettoland, looks like we got NINE INCHES also (according to our highly-calibrated meteorological instrumentation... ME and the

    And not a single PLOW in usual around here.
    ((Avengers Assemble...for snow removal? sure, why not?))
    THEY'D get the job DONE.

    The FUN part is watching the idiota TRY and drive (?) down an unplowed street with damn near bald tires...LMAO.
    Better than a hit sitcom!
    Can't help 'em either...too busy laughing.

    Stay safe and warm up there, brother!

    1. I remember Thor clearing a sidewalk for Jarvis... How are you at serving mead?

    2. Chris:
      I hadn't even THOUGHT about that...good memory there.
      I can serve mead...was a first yr. course at the XAVIER

      Yeah, if you HAVE to clear precip, better to have the God of Thunder at that helm...
      Then there are also repulsor beams, flame arrows, and that nifty SHIELD...for the kids to sled on!
      And we can't leave out the HULK...although HIS method might damage the sidewalk (for BLOCKS).

    3. Probably woulda been more efficient with the FF... invisible snow plows and all.

  3. Poor Scrappy, he looks pretty unhappy. We had to dig a path for our dogs too. Hubby cleared off most of the deck for them so they could get to the yard. Then, my son's dog was so freaked out by the snow (her first time in it) she ended up pooping on the deck. Guess she made it a poop deck. Happily, she got over her fear and was a total nut job running around in it.

    1. He went out there and looked completely confused (as in, "what, I gotta do the rest myself?") but then figured it out. After it stopped (for the most part), I cleared the rest of his bathroom for him.

  4. Wow. I don't miss living in a northern state. Stay safe out there!

    1. Fortunately, we got Laurie off without incident... even though they really hadn't plowed our parking lot yet.

  5. Replies
    1. Oh, come on, you've been dying to show off your snowsuit and boots!