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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Life with Scrappy

Last night we went to a doggie party...

I swear this dog was posing, begging for a picture, Just as I snapped, the tennis ball went by...

As close to the whole gang as I could get:  Dexter, our hero, Bailey, Kaiser, Kaiser and Dexter's dad, Roscoe
Then this afternoon, we took a short walk.  Scrappy caught a scent, and off into the woods we went.  He trailed the scent into the middle of the woods, and there we found...

...that's right, two pairs of panties buried under some leaves.  Hey, big sis!  Next time you're missing some underwear, don't waste time searching the lint filter- just follow Junior on one of his late-night "nature walks!"


  1. :) Oldest wanted to go fishing down at the pond one street over and Tony and Youngest went with him with a trash bag to help clean up some of the trash that had been left by the non residents. he came home and said " I found some one's panties and bra." I said "really?" and he said, "Yeah, but don't worry, apparently they were being responsible... I found the condom too."

    I suppose you should be thankful all he found was the panties. :)

    1. Well, he COULDA found the girl... but that probably would have just got us a B&E.

  2. Chris:
    Those "hump n dump" pics never get old...LOL
    Love the "flyer" you had there, too.
    (the amazing levitating canine)
    And those panties???
    Betcha (by golly wow) that someone went home with a cold tush...ROFL!
    Musta been one of OUR "locals"...seems like EXACTLY the type of stuff they pull (off).
    Maybe Obummers got the Dept of HHS to fund free panties to go with the free birth control?
    (nah...they can't be THAT supid).

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I don't think there was a cold tush involved, just a pants pocket that was a little fuller leaving the house, a little emptier afterwards.