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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hey, ISIS! Kiss my butt, cowards!

And this post has nothing else whatsoever to do with those mental, moral, and spiritual degens, but figured they might see it if I use it for a title... might get me blocked on the rest of our library systems, too!

Anyway, first and foremost, 20 minutes of answering comments tells me I was lazier than I thought over Labor Day weekend.  I hope I got you all NOW!

So, how WAS LDW?  Without the backdrop of Jerry Lewis... kinda ordinary.  Grumbling over what and when I cannot eat, resorting to uncured (but still delicious) hot dogs (1/3 the sodium)  Helping KC deal with friends his age that act like the are still wedged in high school... ANNNNNND the Bark Park.

Scrappy and his new friends, Sam and Nova.

Nova's a Dane pup, 11 weeks.  They got along great, Nova teasing him into actually chasing her, which he hasn't been doing of late.  Sam was a bit aggressive with Nova... he tried to hump, Sam's mom tried to separate, I told Scrappy to go help, he humped Sam (first time he's done that in ages), Sam let go, happy ever after.

What a picture!

Later on, new contestants arrived- 3/4 boxer, 1/4 hound Milo...

...and big sister Molly.  This is the girl that pinned Scrappy for humping early this summer.

I've got to tell you, as I was sitting on the grass, I had a blast being battleground for Milo and Nova.  What a pair!  Later on, we dropped by after a walk and met up with Nova and Brinkley the boxer...

He literally begged for a picture- and checked it out on the screen after!

Scrappy was getting a little testy at this point.. it was the second visit of the day, with a walk on the pitch in between, and wasn't of a mood to be manhandled by puppies.  Had to give him the baby aspirin/peanut butter cure afterwards, but he's back to his normal self now.


  1. Labor Day Weekend actually was kind of boring. I looked forward to it being over.
    Now that it IS over, I'm bored.
    Jeez, there's just no pleasing me, is there?

    1. On the bright side, I'm not Mrs. Penwasser.

  2. Crappy weather, not much going on here. Cute pup!

  3. Love those puppies!!! Nova is precious and that boxer is too cute. That face- oh so adorable! I really wish there was a dog park in our neighborhood. Jax loves being social.

    1. If I ever get this darn teleporter working, he can come up here and meet the gang!

  4. Puppies and small children have an awe-inspiring amount of energy. No wonder Scrappy needed a baby aspirin after all that!

    1. It was interesting to watch him go from round one- I'm gonna get you!- to round three- Geddawayfromme!

  5. The Bark Park looked like a ton o' fun for Scrappy. One of our dogs is getting on in age and has cancer (we're waiting to find out what kind and if it can be treated) anyway, he's on that regiment of a peanut butter pill pocket and rimadyl. Poor achy guy but he's still hanging in there with our other two.

  6. Chris:
    Always cool to see those pooch-pics at the "Hump N Dump"!
    Got a good selection there too.

    LDW w/o Jerry (and Ed McMahon)...very empty indeed.

    I even forgot to fly the flag...sheesh!
    (I'd keel-haul myself...if I had a keel...and a ship...and a large body of water...
    (but I still have a PEN...and a PHONE...LMAO!!!)

    At least I got to catch up on some READING (in-between the boomcars shaking the house and my brain-cells)
    Sure miss those holidays for MANY years past...much more civil.

    Very good post and pics.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I heard about the flag faux-pas... I completely understand. Labor day has become the most ordinary of the "just another day off" holidays.

  7. Dogs are often friendly with human beings. I like watching them befriend each other.

    Keep a smile, CW.

  8. The angle in that one picture actually looks like the pup's licking the sneaker. :) LDW was uneventful, which was just the way I like it. I worked Sat., put the finishing touches on my niece's new bedroom, and Monday went back to re-do her fish tank (to match her new room) and celebrate my Mom's birthday.

    Glad you're doing well with the new lifestyle (of eating). It's SO incredibly hard but worth it. *sigh* I'm on day 3 (again) of all natural foods only. Veggies, fruits, and rice. Slowly we'll add in a food at a time and see if my issues are dietary.

    So yeah... feeling your pain...

    1. Yeah, I thought I got all foot and no pup at first, so I had to laugh how it came out.

      The giving up thing is... a struggle. Especially when you've never in 52 years actually disciplined yourself. I got home yesterday, was wiped out, took a two hour nap. Woke up chilled and achy, took some ibuprofen, in bed by 7:30. Still crappy this morning, bad mood too. About 10:30 said enough is enough, had a Pepsi. Good till 2:00. Came home, been sucking on another one since then, feel fine. It is obvious that Pepsi, like chips and eating after 7 PM, will have to be a "in moderation" thing. Good thing, saw the nurse today and was down 10 points (of course, right after a stressful battle with a stupid project.) Bet it was even lower by noon. Still, 10 points is a baby step.

    2. CW-

      I feel your pain.

      I went from being able to eat anything and not gain (until about 31) to not paying attention (until about 40) to struggling to lose (at 53).

      The hard part is, all the crap that's bad for us tastes good. The food companies are in business to sell us more food, not make us healthy.

      I am half Italian-I was raised on pasta five times a week and it's the only thing I know how to cook. Now I don't eat it five times a year.

      As for chips and other junk food-I simply can't have it in the house. It's bad enough they stock junk like that for free at work, but I'd sit and glom chips all night long if they were here. Why cook? The potato part of chips are a food group, right?

      I know you mentioned not liking diet soda in an earlier post, but there are a boatload of empty calories and sugars in regular soda, so if you can manage it....somehow I acquired a taste for diet soda in my late teens, or I'd have started the weight gain a lot earlier (I used to drink a six pack a day).

      I'd also recommend a BP cuff for the home-I ALWAYS test high in the doctor's office, and now check myself a couple times a day (when I wake up and before dinner) to see how I trend.

      Hey, I know you did not ask, and I apologize if you'd rather I'd kept my mouth shut.

      At a minimum, take comfort in knowing you are not alone!


    3. You say whatever you want here, mi casa es su casa!

      I have been thinking about getting a pressure cuff- beats the hell outta going to Wal-Mart! And after a thorough check of the diet sodas in my taste range- I found I can handle diet A&W- and 7up if it's REALLY cold.

  9. I hear ya on the Labor Day weekend without the Jerry Lewis telethon. Growing up I used to think that was a channel. Love the pics of the doggies at the dog park. Sure wish I could get my Chihuahua that hyped up about going.

    1. "thought it was a channel..." funny, but I can see why. It's not like I watched it that much, but you always followed the toteboard. Now, no toteboard, and with plastic money I never have anything to give to the firemen! I know that's not the point, but you miss the small comforts.

  10. I never did learn why Jerry Lewis got the boot! You are absolutely correct - LDW without Jerry Lewis is like peanut butter without jelly, Mutt without Jeff, Abbott without Costello, ying without yang, etc.
    BTW, I was in Calgary, Alberta, Canada during Labor Day weekend.

    1. It all boils down to, we're getting old, and our world passed away out from under us. You do get around!