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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The New Years Eve stats page!

Well, I found that, if you are willing to do a little math, you actually CAN figure out your most viewed posts of the year.  It seems to be heavily weighted by time- the most recent one was in June- but it was still fun!  Here are my top ten views of 2014:

10- Time Machine vol. II, week 109, Feb. 28th, 117 views.  The only TM to crack the ten (c'mon, youse guys!), it featured the video on latino band Malo's song Suavecito, which is one of the reasons I do TM- to find nuggets of gold like that one.  Also, it featured the top 20 double-albums of all time (no surprise at the top- Pink Floyd's The Wall), and we saw Climax and Precious And Few at #1 on Cashbox that week in 1972.

9- What Was Jesus, April 21st, 120 views.  This one came about when a friend posted the following meme:

...and I dissected the truth out of it.

8- Comments And Respect, Jan. 25th, 123 views.  This was basically born of a misunderstanding/miswording between a blog friend and I that has since been resolved hopefully with good lessons to all 123.  In the midst of the flying fur, Robin stepped in with a means to a solution, and all worked out from there.  And as I kept researching these posts, I found she had the most profound of things to say on at least three of the ten.  So, as unexpected as this is to both of us, I am giving Most Valuable Commenter to Robin- with a lot of heartfelt thanks, especially on this one.

7-  Martin World News, April 15th, (the first of 4, or five- you'll see why in a bit- MWN posts on the countdown), 125 views.  This round of MWN featured USAir apologizing on twitter to an unsatisfied customer by sending them a link to a porn site;  a German company sending out mugs that had lovely poetry on them, along with a picture of Hitler on a stamp; an Austrian EU parliament candidate who had to step down after calling the body he was running for election to "a conglomeration of negroes"; and your first look at the motivational poster I put up at work:

Yes, that is indeed our hero...

6- More of "What You Want", January 27th, 145 views.  This was the game I was playing where I would type into google search "(fill in a nation) wants ______"  and see what came up.  This particular post- wherein I was also told that Bobby G was hard at work on the first version of my MWN logo- we found out that the Netherlands wants to build a mountain, Belarus wants to marry Russia (still haven't found out the logistics on that one), and Malta, for some reason, wants me dead.

5- Martin World News, February 5th, 147 views.  Here we received the depthless wisdom of FWCS superintendent Wendy Robinson, who told us, "Student behavior does NOT effect learning" (emphasis mine);  we saw eminent expert Bill Nye the Science Guy duke it out with a creationist pastor in a debate;  the trials and travails of converting Sochi from a human cesspit to an Olympic host; and the lovely present a female critic of Vladimir Putin got one morning...

Couldn't have just left dog poop on the stoop, eh?

4- Martin World News, June 10th, 169 views.  Here in addition to more fun with "science" we learned that Fort Wayne is 5th most boring city in the nation; Shamus Beaglehole won the Ivy League's Name Of The Year contest; and that Japan might want to come up with a better name for their basketball league...

3- Martin World News,  Jan. 4th, 177 views.  This round saw the Danish contest to come up with a new name for the vagina; a spam commenter who accused my commenter on the post of being brain dead- and the commenter was my son, KC; and one of my favorites- from Australia, the butt-bun ad:

2- Martin Not-So-World News, Jan. 20th, 184 views.  A lot of this was concentrated on the reappearance of John Rambo, the head of the he-man-woman-haters-club, a vitriolic pedophile misogynist who frequently makes the tour of women's blogs telling them how terrible they are and how men should just buy mail order brides or something.  I had battled him a long time back (see links on the post, if you care to), and he came by to pester another blog friend.  After humiliating him once more (which is hardly challenging), I moved on to funnier things, including my favorite meme of the year:

And at #1......

1- All The Things We're Not Going To Talk About, Jan. 29th, 190 views.  Basicly an op-ed covering a study on what is jokingly called curriculum at rich liberal arts universities.  Anyone remember these classes:

Food in the Middle East: History, Identity, and Culture (Middlebury)
Mad Men and Mad Women (about the TV show, also Middlebury)
Chess (Grinnell)
The Ethical Shopper (Grinnell)
Bad Words (Grinnell)
History of Hip Hop (also Bowdoin)
 'Bad' Women Make Great History: Gender, Identity, and Society in Modern Europe 1789-1945 (likewise)

I know Holli does, for she volunteered to sign up:

I want to take the Geography of wine class and drink the wine from all different regions!

Also on this post, we had:  my take on the State Of The Union message (which drew a tremendous comment from Robin!); and my discovery of the little Google-spies checking up on us from Mountain View and Simi Valley.

None of these, however, have reached yet the top ten of all time, where you need currently ... er... 188 to get in (which means either one screen counts my views in and one doesn't, or it updates daily).  The top one there- and far and away now- is a post I did back in August of 2012 called Noah's Ark... really?, where I discussed an old article about some imagined finding of the ancient vessel that was passed on as new knowledge by a FB friend who didn't think to dig into things.  A treemendous amount of those views were spammers trying to get in, and I even got a comment from Turanga Leela (the sexy one-eyed chick from Futurama).

So you don't usually see her like this on the show.  Sue me!
But even with the spammers, this post gets a LOT of traffic.  In the last 48 hours, Plymouth MI, Pelzer SC, Queensland and Islamabad ( a regular customer) have dropped by.  100 views this month.  Not getting the spam attempts to post (comment moderation- a wonderful thing) much anymore, but still the views come.  1,487 views- well over 800 more than #2!  The last comment (real one) came from a dude named Gabriel (who had a two-year long problem getting a google account and posted as Anon.) who made some very interesting points (that I didn't quite agree with) over the life of the post, back in November this year (or last, if you read this tomorrow).

Okay guys, enough with this stuff.  Go out and have a happy, and I'll see you next year!


  1. I guess what frustrates me is without a comment, I never know if a page view is simply a mistake-did the person stop to read the post.

    The average Blogger seems to be very much like someone on Facebook-I'll follow you if you follow me, regardless of interest in the content.

    I have found some of your Sunday posts to be far more thought-provoking than the World News series, yet they do not seem to be the one that generate traffic.

    I guess people are afraid to think....

    Happy New Year!

    1. Well, I think the Sunday thing is a) Not everyone is religious, or even Protestant, and they pass it by; b) it IS Sunday morning, and Sunday's not such a big blog day; and c) as I said everything is weighted by time towards the beginning of the year, and the Sunday posts became better and more frequent towards the back half of the year. Other than that I agree completely. Though I could have been disappointed in the Time Machine numbers- but once again, specialized post.

  2. Chris:
    Can't say I've given time to seeing which post on my blog got the most hits, most comments and was worthy of such credentials as you have posted.
    Maybe this year?
    I DID like your Scrappy meme, though...marvelous.

    Keep up the great work and keep fighting that GOOD fight.
    Stay safe and have a Happy 2015 up there, brother.

    1. Not everybody has the "brain" for stats like me. Unless your eyes are good, I don't recommend doing it the way I did.

  3. This is an interesting exercise... just seeing what posts get the most hits. Are there certain topics that hold more appeal? Do those same posts receive the most comments? (This is an Arlee Bird sort of post.)

    Thank you for the mention. I don't know that my comments are really that insightful or valuable, but I'm glad someone thinks so... so thank YOU. I went back and reread my comments on the post you mentioned... mostly because I couldn't remember what I'd said. It was actually pretty sound advice, and I am OH SO HAPPY that it worked out for you both.

    Happy 2015 CW!

    1. I think there are some topics people stay away from (like Time Machine, UNfortunately) due to their nature, and sometimes it's just timing. And yes, I did think your comments were that insightful.

  4. Aren't you the diligent blogger looking at these sorts of things. Like Robin says this is kind of like some of the posts I've done in the past, though I don't know that I've learned anything by having done them. Heck, I can't even remember them now.

    Maybe someday we'll figure out a rhyme or reason to the stats and all. It would be nice to figure out something in my life. And like Larry inferred, it would be nice if all visitors left comments. Then again maybe it's just the same people visiting over and over. Hah! At least you dropped in and told me you'd be back later to comment. That explained a couple of the visits to my most recent post.

    Tossing It Out

    1. Diligent, no. Stat addicted, yes. Blogger has no idea the money they COULD make off me...

  5. You have way more dedication than me to hunt down stats. I hardly ever look at mine
    Interesting read but my fave posts will always be your walks

    1. But these will do until it gets nice enough TO walk, I hope...