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Monday, December 22, 2014

The year in review... in pictures

So I decided to look over the pictures that made 2014.  Hope you enjoy the tour!

Apparently we did Christman on New Years day last year.  Okay, because this year we're doing Thanksgiving on Christmas.

We started out with a couple of pretty good snow storms.

Snow led to, among other things, some idiot crashing into the bark park.

A famous moment- the snow was so deep here, Scrappy got stuck.  I had to put my foot against his butt to make it to the top.

We got seriously tired of this, right, Boofus?

Yawn... yep!
But Scrappy made the best of it by going to the bark park...

Judging the third annual Time Machine Beauty Contest...

Finding the mysterious disappearing ball, which I somehow got into the kitchen, down that tight squeeze, and BEHIND the fridge..

And venturing towards Shoaff Park... getting a bit muddy on the way.

Spring started, and life returned..

Scrappy went where no dogs have gone before- I'm not sure why...

And lots of fun things to chase came out!

Warm enough for t-shirts, we made walks to Shoaff...

...where Scrappy made new friends.

Notice a resemblance?
THen came the day Scrappy fell in the river!  Luckily I rescued him... just after snapping a picture, naturally...

It was finally warm enough for swimming!

Spring, and a young dog's thoughts turn to love... or something like it...

Up ahead is our buddies, a golden and a dalmatian.  We learned just last week the golden passed over the summer... and the dalmatian is lonely for a play friend.  Scrappy and he ran around for a while at the soccer field.

One of my favorite birthday presents ever in mid-May... a 1863 map of the world.
Our first fox sighting of the year...

Time for new babies...

Which led to the Great Spawning Meet that we stumbled into.

Around Memorial Day, as I tried to put my wounded head back together, we took a trip to Bixler Lake... not getting the friendliest of receptions..

Then we saw Daddy Fox...

The frogs came out as we slid into June...

Discovered that cats make nests...

Saw Scrappy's first muskrats...

A Flag Day weekend trip to the Buffalo ranch where Laurie..

...well, Laurie fed Poophead.

Then, the annual trek to Black Pines.

Then the Great Wind Storm blew through... and I think there was some tornadic activity involved.

Napping at Shoaff park.

On July 4th, we got chewed out by mama fox- she actually snuck up behind us and started barking!  So we DO know what the fox says.

Then came the annual baseball game in Cleveland.  Most famously known for...

Our hour-long circling of "the anus of Cleveland", thanks to a far from updated GPS.  Oh, and the kidney stone that started moving on the way home.

I really thought this was a bad year for deer sightings.  But in retrospect, we saw quite a few from July to October- including these two, which were our closest approaches.

Then came a hot September trip to the zoo...

...where Laurie not only got to pet the 'roos...

But made friends with a butterfly running on 3 out of 4 wings.

Next day, she went with us on a walk... and we saw a couple of new fawns.

Then came the infamous trip to Turkey Foot park, with the uncrossable bridge...

And the herd of turkeys we almost stepped on.

Scrappy meets new neighbors Riggley and Roscoe...

And leads me through the woods to a couple of pairs of panties.  Somebody out there must have a 12 year old brother...

In September we finally went to see the damage the Great Wind Storm did to the boardwalk to Johnny Appleseed.

Had our last Fox sighting.

More fun at the bark park, with new neighbor Daisy in the foreground.

And the best friend he made, the Dane puppy Nova.

Scrappy's first meeting with good friend Macy.

Then came my favorite time of year- Johnny Appleseed weekend, where President Lincoln wonders where he went wrong...

And our famous attempt to dislodge Grumpy the Groundhog from the light pole.

One last trip to the Spot.

The famous meeting with the black kitty- it didn't end well for one Boofus...

And as autumn settled in, meetings with deer and other animals began to dwindle... except for squirrels...

Work tried to pick up... except when our machines broke down and we had to do things "the old fashioned way"...

KC took me on a road trip which would have been half as long except he had to take the way that called for "taking a left at the big fish"...

The days of everyone gathering at the bark park faded...

And the next thing you knew, Christmas was upon us.

And that was how our year went.  How was yours?


  1. Merry Christmas Chris and Laurie. I enjoyed your year in pictures.

    1. Yeah, it was a better year than I thought, lol.

  2. It seems this year has flown by now that I look at it from this perspective!

  3. Wow, that was quite the effort. I enjoyed your pictures. "Behind the Fridge" will NEVER be posted on my blog. You must have cleaned.

    1. That was actually "beside the fridge". I couldn't move that thing if it was on my foot.

  4. What a great way to sum up the year. Loved seeing all the wildlife.I hope your Thanksgiv..err Christm...err New Years or whatever is a great one for you, Laurie and your family!

    1. Thank you, ma'am. I hope your holiday is the best, too!

  5. Well, I'm glad to hear that you mostly had a good year. I mean, aside from the anus of Cleveland and the angry animals. Really, though, I wish we even had half the wildlife you do. All I have around here are approximately 1 billion rabbits and a ton of angry, hungry coyotes. Just ask my pal whose dog got a chunk bit out of her neck by one (she's fine now, though).

    1. We have a very limited amount of coyotes ( just above "urban legend" numbers)... And the anus wasn't so bad for me, though it was pissing my son (the driver) off. Trying to directing us to a gas station that was leveled via a river bridge that was no longer there. And refusing to admit it couldn't be done.

  6. Chris:
    Very well done.
    You have managed to do what I would not attempt.
    (that doesn't mean I won't consider it, though...heh)
    Congrats. T'was a good year (most of the time)

    Now...about all those "naps"

    Stay safe up there, brother.