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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Brian Williams guest shot on MWN cancelled...

...something about wanting to get paid commensurate with what he's losing on his NBC suspension.

Uh, that's okay, Ron... You'd just get offended by the "Beware the Dumbasses" logo...
Actually, I just perused my MWN file and found I had but one story, and it was a work of art in New Zealand that looked suspiciously like last week's Texas Tech engineering marvel (but was apparently supposed to be a cloud with a REALLY large raindrop).

So, in lieu of a substantial post, here's some fun walk pictures...

A bit iffy footing in the woods...

So naturally, we took the ravine path where the trail was left to the imagination...

But we found the bluebird of happiness!

Aw, heck, let's just run with the New Zealand thing!  Sculptor Grigor Kregar wants you to believe his objet d'art , which he calls "Transit Cloud", is supposed to be a cloud and raindrops.  The city of New Lynn paid the NZ equivalent of $150,000 hoping to get a cloud and raindrops.  What they actually got...

...a little cloud and a REALLY, REALLY big raindrop...

Mr Kregar says the finished sculpture will feature LED lighting and will look different by night. "Hopefully the opinion will change through time when the sculpture is installed and they'll embrace the work."

Boy, I hope BBC does a follow up when he gets it lit...


  1. What am I missing here? Because if that's a cloud and a raindrop, I'm really thinking I don't want to be under it when it releases the "rain".

    Loving your snow pictures. It's nice to see some folks still have some semblance of life within the snowflakes. I'm quite sure that after this weekend I'll be living in a well insulated igloo. :(

    1. I know, I feel so guilty putting up pictures of our paltry snow, when I'm never sure if you're using a periscope to check the weather! But, people like walks, if not giant phallic raindrops.

    2. No need to feel guilty. We are doing okay here, the 2-4 tonight is looking like 2, and as long as the power holds Saturday night, the blizzard is coming on a "holiday weekend" so we'll be on top of it before I have to go to work. I was able to widen the driveway today and I can still see out the windows, so as long as the roof holds, we're all good here. :)

  2. Yeah I bet he wants them to embrace it...

    It's a shame Brian Williams couldn't be on. I was looking forward to him sharing the story of when he was at the Last Supper but the food wasn't very good so he ordered pizza instead.

    1. "Yeah I bet he wants them to embrace it..." early front runner for comment of the year!

      I guess I never realized just how short the Apostles were before. BW is truly a giant presence...

  3. I'm so on the fence about Brian Williams. I for one really liked him as a commentator. I know he should know better than to lie but does it also mean it should cost him his whole career? Also 6 months with no pay is pretty harsh. I am sure he isn't poor but to not receive a paycheck is tough. We are just so quick to witch hunt and string em up when someone makes a mistake. I don't know.

    Good for you for always getting out there rain or shine and walking Scrappy. Good exercise for both of you.

    1. Well, I actually gave my BW take earlier... but yeah, it may be just a tetch overblown. But as things stand, he didn't do what he had to to save "journalistic integrity" from careening over a cliff, so it is what it is. And with the moolah he made, not really sympathizing over lost pay. He could have solved it all with a sincere apology, and taking himself out of the game before it became a losing proposition. On the bright side, he now has a lot of experience in "he who hesitates is lost."

  4. That sculpture reminds of a church (can't remember where) that was shaped exactly the same way. Maybe that engineer was going for a cloud and rain drop too?

    I bet you're so tired of the snow!

    1. I shudder to think what denomination THAT church was...

  5. Chris:
    You took some really good pics on in "da woods"...never even know it was Fort Wayne.
    (and for some, that's a pleasing thought)

    As for that "sculpture?
    Being a former art major in high school, lo those many decades ago...this is NOT "art"...period.
    But Ill bet King Henry will want to tap his "talent" for our future RIVERFRONT ideas...LOL.

    Good post.

    Stay safe (and warm) up there, brother.

    1. C'mon, Bob! With the LEDs, it'll be perfect for hanging on the MLK bridge!

  6. Funny, I thought the top photo was Chevy Chase.

    I wouldn't volunteer to squeeze raindrops out of those clouds.

    Be well, Chris.

  7. Love the snowy walk pictures. Seems so inviting after the 90+ degree temps we had here in L.A. today. More heat in store for Friday I guess.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
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