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Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday chunks

Chunk #1:

My Blogger page just gave me (claiming "posted one hour ago"), TEN posts from someone I hadn't heard from in ages... the oldest actually having been posted around Thanksgiving 2013!!!!!!!!!!

Then I noticed that it spit up a quartet of Bouncing Barb's posts, the oldest of which had to have been three Fridays old.  Fortunately, I got the links to them through Twitter and Facebook.  Well, most of them.   These are not the only times I have had that happen, but they are the most recent.  The blogs I have had problems with in this area, I have already set up e-mail notification for.  Recently, Jo-Anne Meadows asked if I could put a "follow by e-mail" link on my page.  I'm glad she did- it's simple, and Blogger seems to be damn inconsistent.  So to all of you, I suggest you do this as well- and I am going to buckle down and sign onto e-mail notices for as many people as I follow who have them.  I just wish there were some parts of life a person didn't have to idiot proof.  To wit:

Chunk #2:

This morning, one of my bosses took the latest step to preventing workplace injuries on my part- by getting me a back brace.  It fit well enough, smelled like I was wearing a new tire (which I countered by spraying it heavily with bathroom freshener), but the best part was when I decided to read the instructions ALL the way to the end- where I found this:

"Hand wash in LUCK water and air dry, but it can't washing in the washing machine.  Insolate it can't in solar directly."  Near this message was a "MADE IN CHINA" logo.  So I went to said boss and explained he needed to get me some luck water.  He laughed and said, "I'll get right on that."

As if from a parallel world, the following then happened:  While I was laid off during the (our big customer) holiday shutdown, I hit our safety bingo for the first time.  (You know the gig, every day you get a number as long as no one gets hurt on the job.  So much gets put in every day until someone bingos.  So shortly after the next game, someone did a good impression of sewing their finger, and so that game crapped out before it really began.  That was about 13 numbers ago.  Today, I bingoed again.  Maybe I do have some luck water.

Chunk #3

So speaking of lay-offs, I was still waiting for payments from unemployment and finally for the second time got on the chat line and asked what was up.  And finally, with this third person I talked to, I found out the why of it.

You see, in Indiana, when you file for benefits, they make you take this imbecilic class on how to find a job, and how to use their resources.  Even if you have a back to work date, you have to take it.  So, last summer I filed for two weeks (and never got any), and I got this damn notice I need to take the test- but the scheduled date was after I went back.  I was TOLD that I was okay until next time, but they never paid me.  Flash forward to when I re-activated the claim in December.  Apparently I was SUPPOSED to remember about the test and re-schedule, even though I never got another letter and it never showed up on "issues delaying payment" on my home page.  Sunday, after talking to three other people, I was told the test is the issue.  Also, I learned that you have to take the same class EVERY TIME you've gone 13 weeks without filing a claim.  Thus, even had I took it in August, I would have had to take it YET AGAIN in December.  But, I would have gotten a letter telling me so.

So, while I sit here wondering why ANYONE with a return to work date that is confirmed by the employer should have to take the class in the FIRST place, they are trying to figure out how I can meet the requirements, take the test, and not miss work doing it, and are supposed to call me back.  And they wonder where the waste in the system comes FROM.

Chunk #4:

On a more pleasant note:

Bird party at the canal...

A nice walk on Sunday... quite a change from two nights before....

Chunk # 5:

I have not been immune to the Brian Williams meme blizzard.  In addition to all the fun jokes- most of which are getting overdone- I've had the privilege of being drawn into two separate examples of some liberal fighting against the libelling of their hero by complaining that "FoxNews lies all the time", and when asked to present truth, or presented with lies their heroes tell, they then complained that "I wasn't trying to be political, I was just trying to say that FoxNews lies, too."

I did have my favorite of the memes...

Chunk # 6:

Let's finish today's jocularity with this spam blog comment:

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  1. I like the cardinals. Sorry, brain dead today.

    1. No problem. As I told someone yesterday, sometimes it just depends on the day at work whether I comment intelligently, incoherently, or just stalk.

  2. Chris... I am so furious at Blogger right now. It's happening to me constantly. I go hours and hours without a single post by any of the 70 blogs I follow. I refresh. I log off. I've done everything suggested in Help. Just aggravating.

    1. Yeah, Blogger can be the very picture of the heartless monolithic corporation. But as a certain substitute Thunder God once said to death, "We have always defied you by living- truly living- under your shadow." I guess just change "living" to "blogging".

  3. Chris:
    1) Who do YOU know at Blogger to get such cool screw-ups?
    All I get are missing sections which require a complete TEMPLATE reload...a few times a year.
    2) Yeah, it HAD to be CHINA...reminds me of most ALL the auctions on EBAY...LOL.
    (a course in Ebonics helps a little)
    3) Wow, unemployment is even MORE loused up then when I remember it...Never had to do any :test" in PA, OH, or NJ.
    You COULD always show up at the place they issue the checks, hold out your hand and shout "GIMME" and a forceful, minority-accented voice.
    That seems to work for all the "locals" around here, and they don;t even WANT to work.
    4) Excellent the icicles, too.
    (cheap snack for the kids...hey, WE did it when I was young)
    5)Glad you did the Williams thing...he must be a classmate of John
    6) Okay this goes beyond even my erudite ability to DECIPHER it...Surely a "WTF???" moment.

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. You know, I thought about asking if I shouldn't have checked "caucasian".... but I figure I don't need the visit from Sharpton and Holder, ltd.

  4. Yeah I love follow by email, it means I never miss a post and I got a mention in this post which is cool...........thank you....... now have to say the icicles look cool indeed don't get them here as it never gets that cold..............just saying..........

    1. Seems to me you've been getting a LOT of mentions in this here blog lately... what's up with that, anyhow?

  5. Love the red cardinal in the snow!!! The icicles are cool but also a little scary. Good that your company provided you with back brace even though from China with bad directions.
    Be careful out there!

    1. I don't know why, but Cardinals are real bastards around here when it comes to posing. The Jay in the treetop yelled at us until we took the shot of him.

  6. Hey Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by and haha, don't worry, I think Josh will strike out a LOT... as long as Trouty *doesn't* :)

    PS: I freaking LOVED that description on your back brace... so damn funny!!

    PPS: What's your twitter handle? I'm @markjkoopmans