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Monday, March 16, 2015

Martin World News- Naked women and penises edition

...because that's all I could find....

Annnnnnnd let's start right off with...

ITEM:  Spicing up the ol' election campaign:

A mayoral candidate in Spain has given new meaning to the term "political transparency."

Yolanda Couceiro Morín appears nude in a campaign poster, a move she has said is an attempt to raise awareness about corruption in politics in Spain...

Her "banners" say, "Politicians have left us stark naked."

Morín believes the campaign will be “eye-catching,” according to 20 Minutos, which added that the uninhibited candidate also hopes to get voters thinking about “the problems of their neighbors.”

The current mayor of Portugalete is Mikel Torres of the Socialist Party of the Basque Country.

Morín is quoted in 20 Minutos as saying she aims to “position ourselves at the center of attention in the town to be a real alternative to the parties of the [political elite].”

Aren't you glad Hillary isn't campaigning this way?

Let's not go there... no really, let's NOT go there!

ITEM:  And on an nauseatingly similar note:

(NEWSER) – A Palm Beach woman better hope she makes the dance team after an apparent dare from the unnamed group landed her in jail. Shakara Monik Martin was spotted sitting naked outside a Dunkin' Donuts on Sunday, yet rebuffed numerous offers of clothes, the Palm Beach Post reports. By the time police arrived, a "fully exposed" Martin, 32, was apologetic and revealed the stunt was part of a pledge for a dance group, according to police documents, per the South Florida Sun Sentinel. She was charged with indecent exposure and released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Monday.

And trust me... Bill wouldn't go there either...

ITEM:  Recently, the mayor of a South American city got in trouble, because he "didn't realize" the entertainment he hired for National Women's Day were actually male strippers.  Not to be outdone was this church in Florida...

Property Appraiser Dan Sowell said Panama City Beach's Life Center: A Spiritual Community has lost its tax-exempt status after authorities discovered it has been hosting late night spring break parties as "Amnesia: The Tabernacle" since Feb. 28.

The events hosted at the facility included an "anything but clothes" body painting party and a slumber party billed as "a pajama and lingerie party hosted by the sexiest ladies on the beach."

Let's not tell Shakara Monik Martin about this...

Not really sure what "denomination" they might be, but it's good to know that Florida knows the difference between a church and a... whatever... at least seasonally...

"A bottle club, charging $20 at the door and selling obscene T-shirts is not being used as a church," Sowell said. "A God-fearing, God-honoring church in January does not sponsor this type of debauchery in March."  February, April maybe, but not March.

ITEM:  By now, many of you have no doubt heard about the world's first successful penis transplant, or as it is colloquially known, an "addadicktomy".  It occurred where all successful first time transplants come from- South Africa.  The thing that brings this to a MWN level is the one thing that made me uncomfortable:

The patient had to have his original amputated after complications from circumcision. 

Point being, I don't know that I would go for a penis transplant to the hospital that LOST me my original one...

ITEM:  You ever get bored and watch one of those sites that track things... for example, flight paths of aircraft?  You never know what you might see...

Users of, a website that shows the flight paths of planes around the globe, noticed a private plane flying over Florida Thursday had taken a strange route...

"Looks like drawing objects on Flightradar24 is a new hobby," a message posted to FlightRadar24's official Twitter account read Thursday.

ITEM:  Finally, slowly shifting away from the subject... sorta... remember a previous MWN featuring India trying to get men to stop urinating on walls by painting murals of gods on the walls?  (didn't help) Well, an outfit in Germany may have a better solution:

HAMBURG, Germany, March 6 (UPI) -- Leaders in the "party district" of St. Pauli in Hamburg, Germany, are discouraging public urination by covering walls in paint that "pees back."
The St. Pauli Interest Community released a YouTube video explaining the most frequently-soiled walls in the district are being covered in a super-hydrophobic paint that causes sprayed liquid to bounce back in the opposite direction -- causing public urinators to make a mess of their own pants and shoes.

The walls treated with the paint are labeled with signs reading, "Don't pee here! We'll pee back!"

"Watch out! From now on, it's Peeback time," group member Julia Staron said in the video.

ITEM:  Moving on, here's yet another example of what's good for the goose is NOT good for the gander:

WASHINGTON –  A plan that would dedicate two public high schools in suburban Washington to immigrants and students struggling with English is pitting black and Hispanic communities -– usually allies -- against one another.

The Prince George’s County, Md., chapter of the NAACP is strongly opposing the plan -- which would take effect next school year, and cover about 800 students having English language difficulties -- claiming it will pull resources from other students and unfairly redistribute them to Hispanic students. Some critics go so far as to compare the plan to segregation.

“It’s a slap in the face,” Bob Ross, president of the Prince George’s County branch of the NAACP, told 

There are a lot of people who don't believe there's such a thing as reverse discrimination.  Many of them are the same ones who tell me I am a bigot for opposing our current President.  Funny isn't it, when the skin isn't black enough... or the accent is Spanish, or Vietnamese, or Burmese, instead of ebonics... the "we all stand together" rainbow rhetoric gets a bit... cloudy.

ITEM:  And then, the just plain stupid...

Stark County Jail records show Robert Daniel Collins, 39, of Alliance, called 911 Wednesday night and accused his wife of theft.

"[He] called 911 because he claimed that his wife stole his cocaine," jail records state.

Police arrived and found Collins, who was wanted on an active warrant for failing to pay fines on a previous case, in possession of a glass pipe he identified as being for smoking marijuana.

I can't find my rolled up $20 bill, either...
ITEM: Finally, the latest in Wal-Mart etiquette:

Now police allege that an angered Walmart customer in Wakulla County, Florida, Mary Frances Alday, 61, waved a loaded  Smith & Wesson .38 Special at employees after her “dollar-off” internet coupon wasn’t honored on March 1.

While in the process of checking out, Alday became “extremely upset” when Tracy Stockslager, the assistant manager, explained that they could not accept the printed voucher.

According to a report from the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office, after Alday’s coupon was rejected, she called Stockslager a handful of foul names and ran into her with a shopping cart, before being escorted out of the store. “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you,” Alday warned.

Stockslager did follow Alday out to her car in order to take down her license plate number. However, when she reached the passenger side of the car, (Which, of course, is where you often find one's licence plate) Alday pulled out a gun from her vehicle and began “waving the gun in the holster,” reported investigators.

After removing the .38 from its holster, she then waved it at the employees near the entrance and said, “I have something for y’all.”

Police were able to catch up to the suspect, who fled the Walmart parking lot in her 2011 Ford Escape. The Smoking Gun reported that when a sheriff’s deputy pulled her over and asked if there was a firearm in the SUV, Alday admitted to it.

“Yes, I have a concealed weapons permit and you are not taking my gun,” she said. Then, after refusing to exit her vehicle, Alday reached over to get her weapon from the center console and was tasered.  (All's well that ends well, eh?)

She has been charged with four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of battery.

Unfortunately, the sheriff’s report did not specify what she was trying to buy in the first place.

Betting it was something from Mary Kay...


  1. I can always count on you for interesting news - just when I think I've read it all. My favorite bit here is the male strippers hired for National Women's Day. I'd donate in support of all women's issues to see that show.

    1. Yep, for all the crap he got, the mayor said the public opinion was running about 50/50.

    2. My favorite was that Spanish campaign poster. My least favorite was the mental image of Hillary being in that Spanish campaign poster.
      Yeah. I'm shallow that way.

    3. That's not shallow, that's the remnants of taste.

  2. And at the end of all of that, that woman waving around the gun looks EXACTLY as I would picture her to look. Come to think of it, so does the Dunkin Donuts chick. Also... what the hell is wrong with her cheek? Did someone bite a donut hole into it?

    1. Laurie guessed that she used bondo for makeup and didn't let it set properly.

  3. Chris:
    Good Lord, WHERE do you find this stuff, because I have a feeling it DOESN'T find you, my friend.

    I thought that procedure was called a Swapadicktome.
    (guess it depends what part of the country you're from...heh.)

    That flight radar image s something I sure haven't seen before (even if some pilots are not sober all the time)

    The India pee thing - some fellas might have a LONGER stream than others...just sayin'.
    I would prefer a more REACTIVE paint that EXPLODES on contact with urine (and teaches a FINAL lesson), but who fixes all those walls?
    The "eunuchs"?

    Blacks v Latinos?
    Been goin' on in California for YEARS!
    (but, that would keep them away from ME where I

    A 61-yr old granny "packin"?
    And getting bent outta shape for a stinking "buck-off" coupon???

    Must be a rough area to shop.
    I will say that's ONE way to lose the ability to carry outside the home.

    You got some great & crazy stuff posted.
    Well done.

    Stay safe up there, brother

    1. Some actually do find me... for the others, UPI and the Daily Mirror are pretty good....

  4. There is more naked in my reader ahead...Must be St. Naked's Day.

  5. Some people should not be seen naked, just saying and I think I may be one of those How about you do you think people would like to see you naked...........

    1. I do requests... but haven't gotten any, so I guess that's a no.

  6. I love the wall that pees back!! Every place should have that.

    1. Obviously you've never been a drunken man. As long as they don't paint trees, I'm good.