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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sunsets and birthdays and spammers

First out of the box today, I forgot I wanted to share this pic with you all- sunset on Mars:

With the difference in atmosphere, they (yeah, I know, not too many "they"s there) get a blue sunset.  Betting that alone will one day make Mars a popular honeymoon site.  Assuming we ever get there.


Next up, I'd like to speak to all those "spam commenters" who have given my comment-moderating finger such a workout the last week or so.  I have had the unusual amount (for me) of 14 spam comments spread across a mere six posts:  3 of this year's Time Machines (including the one just past) as well as one from Thanksgiving week 2012; my recent "Christian Pastors, Hear Me" post; and one from New Years Eve of 2013.  The culprits claim to want me to view the websites:

Song downloads
Best Puzzle game, along with iPad puzzle game
Free download game for Android
Free Minecraft games
Fashion Models, as well as Promotional Models
Diced demo which is a demo for some android game app)
Cheap YouTube video rank
Freemusicdownloadsb. com (twice)
Bestdatingsitesnow. com
The long winded dietplansforwomentoloseweightfast. com
And something in Polish from Galwanizacja (which is Polish for metal galvanizing).

So, dear spammers, let's talk about this.  You have no evidence that I am in the least interested in any kind of gaming.  Wasting your time there, right?  Especially the android ones, as no one in this household has any intention of getting a smartphone of ANY kind (unless Scrappy's holding out on us...)

Not sure why you think I would need fashion models... unless this is a backhanded slap at my blog layout (if so, tough turds).

Not real concerned about my ranking on YouTube, either.  I have a total of 18 videos posted on YT, with a grand total of 264 views (14 2/3 per), including a whopping 46 on this classic:

Dating sites aren't choosy, so you don't surprise me there- It's kinda like when you send an e-mail to PETA about what dumb butts they are and they send you contribution e-mails back.  And why anyone would think I have an interest in Polish galvanized metals is waaaaay beyond me.

But the music downloads... NOW I see a sense to this.

Because both of those came after I downloaded one (1) song off of Amazon yesterday.  And Laurie is always getting free games off Amazon for her Kindle Fire.  So I'd say it's a safe guess that their "secure server" either isn't as secure as they say- or they farm out info.  (OOOH, big shock, huh?)

So THAT might explain just about half of this recent wave.  But I promise, no Polish galvanizing.


Speaking of spam, have to share with you all the missive I got from the gender-confused David Angela Dawes:

we like to inform you that we have a draft for you here. contact us now for this God giving opportunity

First of all, this opportunity will give me God.  Or is that multiple gods?  Just how many gods can I get?  Now, a quick internet search tells us that there are 114 Egyptian gods, 185 Norse gods, 370 Greek gods, 486 Chinese gods, and, as we learned in a post I did way back when, 330 MILLION Hindu gods.  So obviously there are gods to spare, but how many can I get at one time?  Unfortunately we may never know, because Dave Angela never told us WHERE the draft was!  No ID, forwarding address, nothing.  What you see above is what I got.  Obviously Dave Angela was never here when I did any of my "Do your spam right" seminars.

Apparently, Dave and Angela Dawes (whose names I should have recognized) won a UK lottery, and ever since spammers have been using their names, claiming they were giving the money away to charity.  But you got to put a little more into it than this, guys!


On the bright side, we are going down to nine hours for a while, so maybe I'll have a little more oomph in me to share my wit and wisdom here this week.


And before I forget, for those of you who haven't already been confused by Facebook, Monday was the lovely miss Laurie's 53rd inaugural, and Saturday shall be mine!  Which made me feel slightly older, until I realized that October 8, 2016 will be the 100th anniversary of my dad's birth!  Ye gods!


  1. Another blog I frequent just started requiring people to be registered users to cut down on the negative comments....not sure if that would help with the spam.

    I have mine set to I look at the comments first and delete the spam and anything from Stephen T. McCarthy.

    1. Hah! As long as he doesn't add one of those "Feel free to visit my website" links, he can come in.

  2. Almost forgot....happy bitrhday(s)!

  3. And Sunday is mine!! fellow Taurus friend....

    1. Though without the growth rings of ours, I'll wager! Happy in advance and thank you!

  4. Chris:
    Nice long as you're dressed VERY warmly...AND are holding your breath!
    As to the spammers?
    "The price of popularity", my friend.

    (fortunately, I do not suffer such things...ROFL)
    It seems to be ALL about"data-mining...go to ONE stinking site...and 30+ people got your info - and they pass it ak
    long to THIRTY MORE...and so on...

    Kinda nice to be SO far under such radar (for me)
    But, that can change with the click of a mouse.

    (perhaps playing with some Jesus-themed LEGOS would help..hmm?)

    Oh, and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Laurie!
    (may she have many more)

    Stay safe (and relatively sound) up there, brother.

    1. Hey, I can send a few your way, if you like... Just have them home in on the only other working Sonic Screwdriver in Ft Wayne.

  5. I thankfully don't have a lot of trouble with spammers I do have some because who doesn't well those who are not online don't but they don't count. Not sure if I would ever want to go to Mars but since it is unlikely to be an issue in my lifetime I don't worry about it.

  6. Are you sure the spammers aren't talking about draft beer? I imagine that any God giving draft beer would taste heavenly.

    1. A HA! I hadn't thought of that. Though, I think they may have drank them all already...