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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Saturday's picture posting

Featuring Thursday night and Saturday morning...

I have to wonder how many leaning dead trees the leaning live tree leaning over the trail can hold...

The money shot for today

Bobby disparaged my attempt at portraying mountainous areas here?  Well, as you can see, it DOES get a little hilly...

Start out at 5:45 AM...

What have we here?

Why, it's Mr Owl!

He was trying to enjoy a breakfast of what appeared to be squirrel when we came along.

He was a little guy, but had a BIG voice...

And we spotted a couple of deer hanging out..

Oh, I have been sitting on this story a while, and I better tell it whilst Alzheimers doesn't prevent it!  We were just starting out on a walk last week, crossed the street in front of our place, and started up the sidewalk.  A couple and their tiny little canine where just getting in their car in the parking spot about five from the end of the lot,, when a black cat shot out from underneath.  Bad luck?  Yes, but not for us.  The cat stopped briefly, looking absolutely panicked, within a couple feet of Scrappy, who was blissfully "reading his pee-mails" on a road sign post.  Convinced Scrappy was an evil genius who was cunningly biding his time (rather than the "nose-only" single tracker he is), the cat decided to flee across the street- not looking at the oncoming traffic.  "Look out, kitty!" I shouted, but I knew the cat needed a miracle.  He got two.

The car saw him coming, and tried to speed up to beat him.  They never had a chance at that one, but the cat started doing a "leaping run"- and managed, instead of going underneath, to jump face first INTO the driver's door!  With a loud "THUMP", he bounced off, did a roll or two- and ran apparently unharmed off behind our building.  I was reminded when we saw what I think was him walking without any noticeable damage out back this morning.


  1. Chris:
    --That "money shot" says to me "Walk toward eh light"
    Nicely done.
    --Mountains are nice if you live among them (and can ski)...I much prefer rolling hills.
    --The area where Scrappy was...did I mow THAT?
    (looks like the back yard...only..LONGER!)
    --That cat definitely used a COUPLE of his/her lives up THAT day...would got a million hits on YouTube, I'll bet.

    What was it the military always says???

    Oh yeah - "MOVEMENT IS LIFE"

    (just ask any cat)

    Excellent walkabout pics.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I do have the rolling hills... and if you moweed that, you probably have a bunch of deer plotting your death. I have seen both deer and deer beds in the tall grass around the strip.

  2. I've never seen an owl up close and personal.
    There is a BEAR roaming around the wealthier area of town. He is eating all the bird seed.

    1. Whe we first moved in here, we woke up one morning to an owl in the tree by our bedroom window, looking in at us...

  3. I'm laughing about the mighty cat. That's a feline superhero.

    How do you get such close-ups of wildlife. I've never seen an owl. Those pics are very cool.

    1. Feline superhero? More like feline dipstick. Running from a dog that doesn't know he's alive, into the path of a car which he has to do a "smack-or-be-smacked" to. The close ups? Thats called "cropping the image".

  4. Fantastic pictures. Love the wildlife you have nearby. Glad the cat survived. It had to have a headache or something!! Wow.

    1. I'm thinking he wasn't the brightest feline in Schrodinger's box.